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A two-page advertisement of Hewlett-Packard NewWave from Personal Computing 4/1990.

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Introducing the most powerful software since software.

HP NewWave software. The software the MS-DOS® world has been waiting for. Now you can instantly integrate different applications and use them in ways you never imagined.

The breakthrough behind HP NewWave software is a new technology called the “Object Management Facility.” This links data and applications together. So you can move effortlessly among many different kinds of software.

You can use “drag and drop” integration to create documents using text, spreadsheet, graphics, and image data from different HP NewWave applications. And even more amazing, you can “hotlink” data across applications. So that changes made in data of one application are automatically reflected in data of the others.

Beyond all this, HP NewWave software provides all the friendly features MS-DOS users really want. A consistent graphical user interface, icons, pull-down menus, and scroll bars.

Right out of the box, HP NewWave software lets you instantly integrate twenty of the top MS-DOS and Microsoft® Windows applications. And the optional HP NewWave Support Pack gives you the power to integrate hundreds more. All you need are Microsoft Windows 2.11 and an Intel 286- or 386™-based PC with 3 megabytes of expanded memory.

Call 1-800-752-0900, Ext. 1094 to find the nearest retailer where you can purchase HP NewWave software.

There is a better way.

Hewlett Packard

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