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One-page advertisement of OS/2 from Byte 7/89.

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Everything OS/2 can do for you...

OS/2™ includes a built-in graphical interface so its easy to use.

OS/2 lets you run your DOS programs plus hundreds of programs DOS can’t.

OS/2 lets you run programs larger than 640K, so you can use more powerful applications.

OS/2 lets you take full advantage of Micro Channel.™

OS/2 provides an optional Database Manager to make managing information easy.

OS/2 lets you take advantage of 386™ power.

OS/2 lets you keep two or more programs running at the same time, so you can do more.

OS/2 provides an optional Communications Manager which allows easy networking.

This offer lets you do for less.

Right now, when you choose OS/2, you can get from $100 to $1,600 back on the kind of heavy duty memory that only OS/2 can handle. With this offer, the more memory you buy (up to 8Mb), the bigger your rebate.

Plus you can get thousands of dollars in rebates on over 100 different OS/2 programs. You can also get hundreds of dollars back on modems, accessory cards and hardware—all the things that help you do more work in less time with OS/2.

So if you’re ready to move up to all the real advantages of OS/2, ask your IBM Authorized Dealer about these rebates today. To find the dealer nearest you call 1 800 IBM-2468, ext 128.

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