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Team Xerox advertisement from Personal Computing 4/86.

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How to put the power of a Mac, IBM PC, Word Processor, Mainframe, Network and Laser Printer on your desk.

The Xerox 6085 Professional Computer System.

It’s the first professional workstation and personal computer and communications terminal – in one.

It’s the first workstation ever with an enormous 19 inch bit map screen. With multiple windows that let you neatly display and process what used to clutter up your desk. Windows that can be stretched the entire width of the screen so you can see your work. And let you conduct numerous operations at the same time. Like running PC programs, running mainframe programs or downloading selected data from host computers. And, integrating the results. Even copying or moving host data into PC spreadsheets, or PC spreadsheets into Xerox’ special ViewPoint Document Editor. True integration. Any window to and from any window!

You can compose documents made up of all these elements, with a huge variety of typefonts and sizes, multiple columns, labels and page numbering. Including data driven business graphics – and structured and free-hand drawings.

All this in virtually any foreign language. Or mix of languages. With resolution so refined your work is displayed on the screen precisely as you would receive it on a printed page. And the mouse and icons make it easy.

The 6085 Professional Computer System is compatible with industry standards including MS-DOS®, IBM 3270®, DEC VT100®, and others. And since the Xerox 6085 is brought to you by the people who invented Lasography, naturally it connects with local area and remote networks, as well as a variety of laser printers, including the desktop Xerox Laser Printer, matrix and character printers. You can also print on just about any facsimile machine around the world. Of course the 6085 is part of Team Xerox, people, products, software and services working all together to meet your information needs.

So if what you’ve read amazes you, we’ve got more. Call us at 1-800-TEAM-XRX, ext. 294, or call your local Xerox sales office for a demonstration, or fill out and send in the coupon.

Because this remarkable machine will do remarkable things for your office. For information call Team Xerox, your local Xerox sales office or: 1-800-TEAM XRX, ext. 294. (1-800-832-6979, ext. 294)

For more information on the Xerox 6085 Professional Computer Circle Code #74 on the Reader Service Card.

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XEROX® and the identifying names and numbers are registered trademarks of XEROX CORPORATION. MS-DOS® is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation. IBM 3270® is a registered trademark of the International Business Machines Corporation. DEC VT100® is a registered trademark of Digital Equipment Corporation.

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