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Overview: Stopping LisaGuide

That covers your Lisa’s basics!

This topic tells you how to:
Stop LisaGuide – and what to do if you don’t want to stop yet.
Learn about scific kinds of Lisa documents.

If you stop LisaGuide, you can always restart it some other time: Section A of the Owner’s Guide tells how.

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Choose what to do next:
To stop LisaGuide: Hold down the Apple key to the left of the space bar while you press the period key.
To go on: Press Continue to begin the next topic, More Editing, or choose from the Topics menu.
To learn about a specific kind of Lisa document, see “Getting started” in the appropriate manual:
Draw pictures: LisaDraw
Make graphics: LisaGraph
Calculate finances: LisaCalc
Work with lists: LisaList
Write reports: LisaWrite
Schedule projects: LisaProject

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