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Your Macintosh tour has four sections. If this is your first time through, start with the one called “How to Use This Tour.” Then go to section 2.

Choose the section you want by clicking its title. When you want to stop working with this tour, choose Quit the Tour.

How to Use This Tour

To move through the tour, use the button you see in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Click the right arrow to go forward.
Click Menu to go back to the list of topics.
Click the left arrow to go backward.

When an arrow is gray, it means you can’t go in that direction.

To remind you to click the right arrow to go on, you’ll see this symbol at the end of what you read.

Now click the right arrow to go on.

There are four main sections in this tour. You’ll start each one by choosing from the Main Menu.

Then you’ll see a screen like this, which lists the topics covered in the section you’ve chosen. You’ll pick a topic by clicking it.

You’ll click the forward arrow to go through the demonstration of that topic. Then you’ll see some new buttons added to the original button.

You’ll click Let Me Try to try out what you’ve learned.

You’ll click Show Me Again if you want to see the demonstration again.

When you come to the end of the topic, you have a choice:
You can click the forward arrow to go right to the next topic.
You can click the Menu button to return to the list of topics.

Right now, click the Menu button to go back to the Main Menu and get started.

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