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two articles about Xerox: “Xerox xooms toward the office of the future” and “The lab that ran away from Xerox”, and a funny essay about... the cow metaphor
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By the second version of ArthurOS, Acorn decided to rename it RISC OS because of the movie “Arthur 2: On the rocks,” which just premiered in the cinemas.
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Featured GUIArthurOS 1.2
Since in 1987 RISC OS was still not ready for prime time, and the new Acorn Archimedes machines were about to ship, ArthurOS was written as a temporary replacement. As you can imagine, it was pretty limited, but already introduced several concepts that survived in RISC OS for many years – for example the icon bar at the bottom of the screen (by many considered the inspiration for taskbar in Windows 95) and pop-up menus invoked by pressing the middle mouse button.

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Featured componentInstallation
It’s kind of funny how Microsoft tries to convince you that the new operating system is worth your money after you already bought it. Check out and compare all the marketese that is shown during installation in Windows and other GUIs.

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Featured iconiCal
The icon of iCal (calendar application in Mac OS X 10.3 Panther) is a nice and still rare example of those dynamic icons that change their appearance based on context. In this case, the program icon doubles as a current day and month indicator.

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