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Especially in their early history, graphical user interfaces needed introducing to general public. In this section you can find screenshots from interactive tours, tutorials and guides distributed with or alongside GUIs.

1983  LisaGuide (159 photos)
The official tour of Lisa Office System 1.0

1984  Guided Tour of Macintosh (101 screenshots)
The original cassette tape-backed tour of Macintosh

1988  Macintosh Plus tour (339 screenshots)
Apple Tour of Macintosh Plus

1992  NewWave 4.0 guided tour (77 screenshots)
A guided tour of NewWave 4.0

1993  OS/2 2.1 tutorial (67 screenshots)
A tutorial built into OS/2 2.1

1993  Windows for Workgroups 3.11 tutorial (93 screenshots)
A tutorial built into Windows for Workgroups 3.11

1994  Macintosh Basics 5.0 (180 screenshots)
One of the latest editions of a program distributed with new Macintoshes

1995  Windows 95 tour (48 screenshots)
A tour from Windows 95 CD

1995  Getting started with Magic Cap (75 screenshots)
A tutorial from the pre-release edition of Magic Cap for Windows

1996  Packard Bell Navigator 3.9 (280 screenshots)
Various tutorials shipped with Packard Bell Navigator 3.9

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