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A two-page advertisement of Microsoft Bob from Wired 4/95.

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Hey! Isn’t it about time helpfulness returned to America? Please do your part:

Open doors for those with several packages. Let Bob help you be friends with your computer. Give directions readily. Helping – it’s just plain fun!

Helpfulness. Now there’s a good quality. And helpfulness, well, that means Bob.™

Bob features the newest thing in software: a social interface. Which means Bob is very helpful. Bob has personal guides – on screen animated characters – that lead you through every step of the way. They make suggestions, answer questions and help your computer adjust to the way you like to work.

And Bob is so helpful, you don’t even need a manual. All you need is an 8 megabyte computer.

Bob will help you balance your checkbook, write letters, exchange electronic mail, keep a calendar, record addresses, play GeoSafari and access Windows®-based programs. Bob is one accommodating friend.

To meet Bob for yourself, stop by a local software retailer. Just ask for Bob. Bob wants to lend a helping software hand.

Have a nice computer!

Microsoft® where do you want to go today?™

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©1995 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft is a registered trademark and “Where do you want to go today?,” Bob and the Bob logo are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation for its Windows operating system products.

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