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Twelve-page GEM advertisement from Byte 7/1985.

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Introducing the new and improved IBM PC.

Introducing GEM.


You just found the perfect way to get a brand new and improved IBM® PC without buying one.

Get GEM™* software from Digital Research instead.

And voilà, your IBM PC, PC/XT, AT or compatible will become something it’s never been before.

Easy to use.

Now instead of getting lost in PC DOS, you can actually use your PC to get something done. (An astonishing idea, if ever there was one.)

Just slip a GEM diskette into your disk drive. And the rigmarole of PC DOS is replaced by a way of working that’s easy, effortless and altogether personable.

You see, GEM lets you work with a simple descriptive header menu, icons, drop-down menus, windows and a pointer.

Which means you can now use your computer to write, figure, draw and even think the way you used to. Before less-than-friendly computers made you change your way of thinking.

In other words, your tool for modern times has finally become a tool for modern times.

To see how easy it is to use GEM, take this simple screen test.

OK. Take a close look at these two screens.

One is an IBM PC with PC DOS. The other is an IBM PC with GEM.

You get to figure out which is which.

The PC DOS screen is the one that seems to be designed for an engineer. Or someone with a photographic memory.

It requires you to type and memorize nonsensical terminology like c>copy\\level1\ All just to copy a file.

But most people think in ideas. Words. And pictures.

Which brings us to the GEM screen.

It’s the one with pictures of the things you use in your office. Like file folders. Diskettes. And a wastebasket.

Plus words describing the kinds of things you do in your office. Like OPEN FOLDER. SAVE FOLDER. And QUIT.

Copying a file is as easy as pointing with a mouse (or cursor key – if mice make you uneasy) to the file you want to copy. Then you just slide the file across the screen to the diskette you want to put it on.

Well, by now we’ve probably given it away.

If you guessed that GEM is on the right-hand screen, you’re absolutely right. And if you think GEM looks easy to use, you’re right again.

Now, given a few pointers, anyone can use an IBM PC.

Have you ever noticed how people in your company get up from their PCs looking rather dazed?

That’s called PC DOS anxiety.

And it goes away when GEM enters the picture.

Because with GEM everybody already knows everything they need to know to run a PC.

Like how to point.


Read a menu.

Open a file folder.

Or pitch a bad idea in the wastebasket.

Who knows, GEM software could even turn people with deep-rooted PC-phobia into absolute PC-enthusiasts.

[illustration captions]

[disk icon]
With GEM software you don’t have to switch gears to switch drives. You can just point and click your way from drive to drive. No matter how many drives or diskettes you’re using.

[folder icon]
GEM file folders hold whatever you put on a diskette. From entire software programs to reports, pictures and presentations.

In fact, GEM file folders can even hold other file folders. And so on.

[document icon]
GEM software even includes “generic” file folders, places to hold random ideas, memos, numbers and the like until you’re ready to file them in a GEM folder. Or in the wastebasket.

[trashcan icon]
Part of getting organized is knowing when to let go of outdated files.

GEM can’t tell you which files to get rid of. But it can help get rid of them.

And should you toss a file before its time, you even get a chance to change your mind.

[clock window]
If you’re clever enough to read these words, you’ve no doubt figured out what the GEM clock is for. Staying on schedule, for instance. Keeping track of the time it takes to do specific projects. Or getting to your airplane on time.

[calculator window]
GEM even includes a calculator, so you can tally up all kinds of important things.

Like the time and keystrokes you save by working with GEM software.

GEM already works with most of the software you already have.

We know what you’re wondering.

If GEM software is going to change the way you work with your IBM PC, will you still be able to work with your existing software?

Of course.

GEM works with most important programs that work with the IBM PC.

Like Lotus 1-2-3™. Symphony™. Multiplan®. dBASE III™. Framework™. And thousands more.

Technically, you see, GEM software doesn’t actually change PC DOS. It just hides it.

So your software works just the way it always has. But without the long and cryptic PC DOS start-up procedures.

But the best software for GEM is GEM software.

The GEM COLLECTION™ is a bundle of three programs, GEM DESKTOP™, GEM WRITE™, and GEM PAINT™.

A part of all GEM software, GEM DESKTOP* is the mask that hides PC DOS. It includes the GEM pointer, menu headings, icons and drop-down menus.

So you can point and click your way through anything you’ll ever want to use a computer for.

GEM WRITE, by Lifetree Software, Inc., is a word processing program featuring fast, clear and comprehensive editing. It lets you cut and paste, make multiple block moves or even create columns. All without memorizing a single command.

And when words alone won’t express what you have to say, GEM PAINT gives you the tools to turn your ideas into pictures. Up to sixteen colors. Paintbrushes, pencils and a straightedge. Plus dozens of shapes and patterns.

Best of all, GEM WRITE and GEM PAINT work together. So you can work with words and pictures on the same page.

You can also create anything from fine art to line art, whether you can draw or not.

Just put your hand on your mouse and point.

GEM DRAW™ gives you all the tools you need.

Like pencils, geometric patterns, a full palette of colors and an extensive gallery of art to use as you like.

And once you’ve created a GEM DRAW image, you can stretch it. Shrink it. Duplicate it. Or add text to explain it.

GEM WORDCHART™ is the perfect way to make your point in a big way.

With a choice of several type styles and sizes, plus up to sixteen colors, you can build charts that can be read from across your desk or from the far end of the conference room.

And to really drive your point home, your words can be combined with pictures from GEM DRAW.

The business of creating business graphics just got a whole lot easier.

GEM GRAPH lets you turn numbers into something more tangible. Like pie charts. Bar graphs. Line plots. Even maps. All through the use of simple, well-designed templates.

Where do you get the numbers?

Directly from the business programs you’re already using, like Lotus 1-2-3, Symphony, dBASE III or what have you.

*GEM DESKTOP is also available as a stand-alone product.

[illustration captions]

Now you can work with words and pictures together.

A perfect illustration of the power of GEM software.

Present it with style.

GEM GRAPH Let’s look at the numbers.

Where to find a GEM.

In the months ahead you’ll be seeing GEM software on a lot of familiar faces. And not just IBM PCs or compatibles.

Several leading computer manufacturers are building GEM software right into their hardware.

And with so many systems working with GEM, you’ll soon see important GEM programs coming from a host of other major software houses.

GEM. From Digital Research.

It’s not just software. It’s a movement.

And it’s as easy to find as it is to use. Just call our GEMLINE. (800) 443-4200. Ask for our GEM brochure. The name of your GEM software dealer. Or simply place an order.

Because with GEM, the best new computer on the market isn’t a computer at all.

GEM DESKTOP$49.95Available April
GEM DRAW149.00*Available April
199.00Available June
GEM WORDCHART149.00Available August
GEM GRAPH199.00Available August
Also available:

Sales or use tax where applicable will be added.
Suggested retail prices subject to change without notice. *Introductory price.


[fine print]

*GEM requires that your computer have appropriate graphics capability and that the pointing device be compatible. Call for exact requirements. GEM, GEM COLLECTION, GEM DESKTOP, GEM WRITE, GEM PAINT, GEM DRAW, GEM GRAPH and GEM WORDCHART are trademarks and Digital Research is a registered trademark of Digital Research Inc. Other computer and software names are tradenames and/or trademarks of their respective manufacturers. Copyright 1985, Digital Research Inc. All rights reserved.

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