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One-page GEM advertisement from PC Magazine, 10th December 1985.

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Presenting a report on GEM.

This report is brought to you by the GEM COLLECTION.™

It’s the new $199* software package from Digital Research that puts words and pictures together. So you can create reports and proposals that communicate better.

It all starts with GEM DESKTOP,™ a program that lets you work quickly and easily using simple menus, icons, windows and a pointer.

The words come from GEM WRITE,™ a fast, powerful word processing program based on Volkswriter® Deluxe by Lifetree Software, Inc.

While GEM PAINT™ gives you the tools to add pictures, titles and diagrams. There are paintbrushes and pencils. Plus a variety of shapes, patterns, type styles and type sizes.

The GEM COLLECTION runs on IBM® PCs, XTs, ATs and compatibles with appropriate graphics capability and a pointing device such as a mouse. And, naturally, the GEM COLLECTION runs with all other GEM™ software.

That’s our report. Now we can’t wait to see yours.

For the name of your GEM software dealer or to place an order, call our GEMLINE. (800) 443-200.


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* Suggested retail price. Color available only with IBM Enhanced Graphics Adaptor and supported color monitor and/or output device. GEM, GEM COLLECTION, GEM DESKTOP, GEM PAINT and GEM WRITE are trademarks and Digital Research is a registered trademark of Digital Research Inc. Other computer and software names are tradenames and/or trademarks of their respective manufacturers. Copyright © 1985, Digital Research Inc. All rights reserved.

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