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An advertisement of GeoWorks Pro from Compute! 11/92.

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Face it, your family is really a small business.

There’s only one program anywhere designed specifically for the business of running a family.

GeoWorks Pro.™ The only integrated family software.

We operate by pictures, not dry commands. In other words, a graphical user interface (GUI). We also have beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. The only software with training wheels.

So the little ones can use GeoWorks Pro to tackle big tasks on their own. Banners up to 100 feet long. Artwork for science projects. Addresses of Cub Scouts or Brownies. Laser-quality book reports from the most tired, old dot matrix printers. Even a game of Solitaire or Tetris.™

You’ll find our built-in, award-winning Quattro® Pro SE spreadsheet can help you with everything from monthly budgets to college funds. The range of fonts and desktop publishing capabilities in GeoWrite™ will give that PTA flyer wings. And our America Online™ module delivers the world: a host of on-line services.

In all, there are fifteen different tools. The only package up to this particular job: Your family.

For all of its multi-tasking, WYSIWYG performance, GeoWorks Pro requires just an XT or better and a mouse.

Call to order the GeoWorks Pro Trial Size for only $9.99 or see your local dealer. We’re one of the best investments you can make in that small business of yours.


1-800-824-4556, ext. 500

[illustration captions]

Talk about banner sales. Create one that’s 100 ft. long.

Keep inventor right off the bat.

Expenses finally add up.

Design a bash, then label your friends.

Desktop publishing from a dot matrix printer? Dot’s incredible!

When to get help in an emergency.

[fine print]

System Requirements: IBM PC/XT, AT, PS/2 or 100% compatible · 512K memory · Hard disk with a minimum of 7MB free (9MB recommended) · graphics adapter and monitor.

Printer support: Compatible with over 420 popular printers.

Copyright © 1992, 1990 GeoWorks, 2150 Shattuck Ave, Berkeley, CA 94704. All rights reserved.

GeoWorks, GeoWorks Pro, PC/GEOS, GeoManager, GeoWrite, GeoDraw, GeoPlanner, GeoComm, are trademarks of GeoWorks. GeoDex is a registered trademark of GeoWorks. All other trademarks belong to companies other than GeoWorks

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