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A double-page ad of the original Microsoft Mouse from Byte 1/85.

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Get yourself a trained mouse.

This little critter comes with specially-designed software that flies through the maze of keystrokes on the most popular business programs faster than you can say “cheese.”

Microsoft® Mouse puts the power to run Multiplan® Lotus 1-2-3,™ VisiCalc® and WordStar® in the palm of your hand. Click the left button on the mouse, a custom menu appears. In English, not hieroglyphics. Click the right button and execute your command: move text or data, edit, format, print. All at blinding speed without touching the keyboard.

It also lets you create your own menus for editing and formatting existing application programs. So people can learn programs quicker and do more productive work as they learn.

The mightiest mouse.

Microsoft Mouse runs circles around other mice. It is the high performance mouse for the IBM® PC and PC XT. From the company known for high performance software. Microsoft BASIC is the language spoken by nine out often microcomputers worldwide. Our MS™-DOS operating system tells your IBM PC how to think.

So don’t monkey around with any other mouse. Call 800-426-9400 (in Washington State call 206-828-8088) for the name of your nearest Microsoft dealer. Then go with Microsoft Mouse. The mouse that soars.

The High Performance Software

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Microsoft and Multiplan are registered trademarks and MS is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Lotus 1-2-3 is a trademark of Lotus Development Corporation. VisiCalc is a registered trademark of VisiCorp. WordStar is a registered trademark of MicroPro. IBM is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.

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