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An advertisement of the Microsoft Mouse 5.0 (second mouse from Microsoft), scanned from PC Magazine, January 1986.

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Why drive when you can fly?

This is an ad to introduce the latest in mouse technology from Microsoft.

A device in which you need have no interest.

Unless you use Lotus® 1-2-3®, WordStar®, Multimate®, DisplayWrite®, VisiCalc®, Microsoft® Project, Word, Multiplan®. Or any of scores of other programs which run faster and more efficiently with the benefit of the Microsoft Mouse.

The Mouse, with its whimsical name, is somewhat misunderstood. But for those who find its name frivolous, we can assure you, its function is extremely practical.

When pointing is quicker than typing.

The Mouse is not intended to replace your keyboard. But the fact is, there are many times when it can transport you from Point A to Point B considerably faster and more naturally than your fingers on a cursor key.

The Mouse skips through paragraphs. Highlights sentences or entire passages.

Instead of sliding like a cursor – right, left, up, down – the Mouse flies directly over a screen-full of cells to a pinpoint landing at your destination.

And because the Mouse substitutes for cursor keys, you can leave the numerical keypad in NUMLOCK to save yourself a lot of inefficient switching. In short, our Mouse makes shorter work of daunting projects.

What’s on the menu.

With the Mouse, you can initiate commands with a mere point-click.

And much of what you are doing by hand today can be automated through our Mouse Menus. They let you translate multiple key commands and mouse moves into a one mouse-click operation.

We supply a roster of pre-programmed menus for such programs as WordStar, 1-2-3, Multiplan and VisiCalc. And it’s a simple matter to customize your own menus for other programs.

Fine points of the Microsoft Mouse.

Having been left to our own devices for several years now, we have raised them to a high degree of perfection.

Some evidence of excellence: Our new Microsoft Mouse delivers twice the resolution of most other mice – 200 points per inch. An aid to faster, smoother, more precise pointing. All of which can be accomplished with just the merest movement of your wrist. And on any reasonable desk surface.

We’ve also engineered a new body. With wrap-around command buttons designed to fit naturally in the palm of any size hand. Details which may sound a bit droll. But the benefits are very practical.

Take it for a test flight.

We’re not suggesting you throw your keyboard overboard. But we are inviting you to try out our new Mouse at your Microsoft dealer. To see how effectively it can accelerate your personal computer operations.

From then on, you can wing it.

The High Performance Softwaret

For the name of your nearest Microsoft dealer, call (800) 426-9400. In Washington State and Alaska, (206) 828-8088. In Canada, call (416) 673-7638.

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Microsoft Mouse also comes with Microsoft Notepad, PC Paintbrush™, and Practice Programs.

Microsoft and Multiplan are registered trademarks and The High Performance Software is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Lotus and 1-2-3 are registered trademarks of Lotus Development Corporation. WordStar is a registered trademark of MicroPro International Corporation. Multimate is a registered trademark of Multimate International. DisplayWrite is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation. VisiCalc is a registered trademark of Visi Corp. PC Paintbrush is a trademark of Z Soft.

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