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An advertisement of the third, contour Microsoft Mouse, from PC Magazine 1988.

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The new ergonomic design of the Microsoft® Mouse gives you a more comfortable way to seize control of your work. Or your company. Depending on your ambitions.

Smooth, subtle buttons can help you master today's newest programs like Aldus Pagemaker®, Microsoft Excel and Windows. They also make pleasing, productive sounds when pushed.

As a result of its makeover, you now control the mouse with your fingertips instead of the palm of your hand. Besides a more responsive, natural feel, this frees your palm to do something else.

Stylish plastic case is available in colors for every decor: white, white or white.

Over 500,000 people are already living life hand in hand with a Microsoft Mouse.

Microsoft Mouse is sold in three different packages. Get the mouse with EasyCAD™ or Windows 2.0 and PC Paintbrush® for Windows or Mouse menus and Microsoft Paintbrush. Available in serial-PS/2®, bus, and InPort™ versions.

The Microsoft® Mouse

For the name of your nearest Microsoft dealer call (800) 541-1261, Dept. E97.

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Microsoft is a registered trademark and InPort is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. PC Paintbrush is a registered trademark of ZSoft Corporation. Pagemaker is a registered trademark of Aldus Corporation. EasyCAD is a trademark of Evolution Computing. PS/2 is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.

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