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An advertisement of the third, contour Microsoft Mouse, from PC Magazine, November 1988.

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Push your software to the limit.

If you want to get the most out of today’s new, high-powered software applications, we haw a few words of advice:

Use a Microsoft® Mouse.

The Mouse can unleash your software – and take full advantage of the features intended to make your work easier.

With the Mouse you can effortlessly manipulate menu-driven applications without taking your eyes off your screen. You can pull down menus. Highlight text in one fell swoop. Copy, cut and paste formulas in spreadsheets easily. And move things from here to there without any command-key mumbo jumbo.

Literally hundreds of applications support the Mouse. But as the leading software developer for personal computers (and one of the first to bring a graphical interface to PC screens), we’ve gone a step further: Microsoft Windows/286 with PC Paintbrush® for Windows, Microsoft Paintbrush or EasyCAD™ 2 actually come with the Mouse (or vice versa). Already, the Microsoft Mouse has made its way into the hands of over one million personal computer users. And that number is sure to grow even faster. After all, graphically oriented software is the driving force behind improved productivity.

But it’s the Microsoft Mouse that puts you in the driver’s seat.


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The Microsoft Mouse gives you easy access to all the powerful features today’s software has to offer.

[Microsoft Mouse & Microsoft Windows/286 packaging]
It looks innocent enough here, but wait until you see how the Mouse makes your software scream.

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