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An advertisement of the third, contour Microsoft Mouse, from Byte 5/1990.

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What the experts will be driving this year.

Ask any PC enthusiast and they’ll tell you that the Microsoft® Mouse is one very hot number.

Its nose is low and ominous. Its midsection rises up gracefully, connected by a smooth set of curves that flows across the entire body, creating a beautiful, sculpted look.

It’s hard to believe this incredible form actually has a function.

But it does.

The patented design is made to fit the human hand. Making it easier to maneuver. And noticeably more comfortable. All of this advanced thinking didn’t stop with looks.

Take a peek underneath the Mouse and you’ll find the tracking ball in front, for better pointing accuracy.

With the new, expanded control panel there are hundreds of choices for sensitivity, pace and acceleration. Puting [sic!] you in total control of the cursor’s onscreen behavior. From meticulously slow right on up to warp speed.

And, with the resolution coming in at a mind-reading 400 points per inch, cornering, stopping and starting are second nature.

What it means is you can race through even the most complicated software programs without hesitation.

Combine all of this with the fact there’s OS/2 support in the driver, and your Mouse is ready for today’s sophisticated applications.

You’re even in control of what type of software you can add. We give you a choice of either Microsoft Windows™ or Microsoft Paintbrush™.

To get more information about the Mouse, or if you’d like to take a complete and thorough test drive, see your local Microsoft dealer.

One spin through your favorite program and you’ll realize there’s nothing else like it.

Making it all make sense™

[fine print]

For more information inside the 50 United States, call (800) 541-1261, Dept. K83. In Canada, call (416) 673-7638. Outside the U.S. and Canada, call (206) 882-8661. © Copyright 1990 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft and the Microsoft logo are registered trademarks and Windows, Paintbrush and Making it all make sense are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. The Microsoft Mouse design is patented. (Patent nos. 302,426.)

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