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An advertisement of the original Microsoft Mouse from Byte 10/83.

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Microsoft, the people who set the standard for software have done it again with the Microsoft Mouse.

Our expertise in both hardware and software has gone into the development of the Microsoft Mouse. Now you can plug in the most exciting computer product of the year and put it to work.

The Mouse lets you move the cursor freely and naturally, then execute commands at the push of a button.

The Microsoft Mouse is a complete system. It comes with an on-screen tutorial, a practice application, and the Multi-Tool™ Notepad, a mouse-based text editor, so you can begin using the Mouse right away. And for application developers, the Mouse includes a programmable interface driver to give your application program complete control over the Mouse’s operation.

That’s the kind of support you’d expect from Microsoft. After all, we were the world’s first microcomputer software company. Today more than a million microcomputers are running Microsoft-languages, operating systems, application programs, and hardware-software combinations.

You can get the Microsoft Mouse in either a bus or serial version for the IBM, PC or PC XT.

Ask your Microsoft dealer for a demonstration of the Microsoft Mouse – a whole new standard.

Better tools for microcomputers.

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