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An ad of the Microsoft Mouse Pad from MacUser 10/91.

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The fabulous Microsoft Mouse Pad.

Yes, it’s true. Now you too can point and click your way through your Microsoft® Word documents in style, with the exclusive Microsoft Mouse Pad. But why, you may ask, are we giving away this fabulous designer original? It’s quite simple, really.

You see, there are lots of you out there using Microsoft Word. Over a million at last count. And Microsoft has a strong commitment to each and every one of you. Which is why we’ve assembled a dedicated group of technical experts ready to give you unlimited phone support, whenever you have a question or problem. Collected new tips and Word techniques to pass on to you. Printed up a warehouse full of free newsletters, reports and application notes. And – best of all – we’re ready to give our Word users first crack at some pretty hefty discounts on future Word updates (including the one we’re working on right now).

But what good is all of this if we can’t get in touch with you... because we don’t know your name and address? That’s why we’re asking you to fill out one of these brief little Microsoft Word registration cards. And why we’re willing to part with our beloved Mouse Pads. We know there’s over a million of you out there. We just don’t know where. So mail us a card today. And let’s keep in touch, okay?


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© 1991 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. Microsoft, the Microsoft logo and PowerPoint are registered trademarks and Making it all make sense is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Offer good only in the 50 United States. Offer good until December 31, 1991 or while supplies last. Mouse Pad color and pattern may vary. Limit one Mouse Pad per person.

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