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An advertisement from 1983’s issue of Fortune.

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Think of it as a Maserati for your mind.

It’s been said personal computers are at the same stage of development as the automobile in 1921.

They’ll get you there. But you have to have a tolerance for crank-starting, flat tires and bugs in your teeth.

Now comes the next generation from Apple®: Lisa™.

And it’s as if everything from self-starting to turbocharging had been perfected overnight.

Lisa’s powerplant is the 32-bit MC68000 microprocessor, capable of screaming through information at speeds once reserved for the mainframe that runs your bank.

Each system comes standard with a whole workbench of business tools for shaping information in any form: words, numbers, graphs, even pictures.

Each program works the same intuitive way, replacing complex commands with familiar symbols that simulate the way you work at your desk. And you can work with several programs on the screen at once.

It’s like automatic transmission. For ideas. So you can concentrate on what you want done. Not on how to get the computer to do it.

And learning time is reduced from days. To minutes.

All of which makes Lisa the fastest you can go, sitting at a desk.

Soon there’ll be just two kinds of people. Those who use computers and those who use Apples.

Test drive Lisa™ at the following locations.

[a list of US dealers follows]

[fine print]

Authorized Apple Personal Office Systems dealers are listed on the following page. For literature or information on our National Account Program, call (800) 538-9696 or write Apple Computer Inc., Dept. L, 20525 Mariani Ave., Cupertino, CA 94014. In Canada call, (800) 268-7796 or (800) 268-7637. © 1983 Apple Computer Inc.

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