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An advertisement from 1983’s issue of Fortune.

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If you can find the trash can, you can run a computer.

You don’t have to know it’s the world’s most powerful personal computer.

You don’t have to appreciate its unique 32-bit architecture. Or get weak in the knees when we tell you it has a million bytes of internal memory.

All you really have to know is that it’s the only computer you can learn to use in under 30 minutes.

Because it’s Lisa™. From Apple®.

Lisa replaces complex computer commands with simple “icons,” pictures of objects familiar to anyone who’s ever worked at a desk.

File folders look like file folders.

Memos like memos.

There’s even a calculator and a clipboard.

To tell Lisa what you want, just point to the appropriate icon using a palm-sized device called a “mouse.” As you move the mouse on your desk, the pointer moves on Lisa’s screen.

So you work intuitively, right from the start.

And every Lisa program works the same way. Once you’ve learned one, you’ll learn the next even faster.

That’s the difference between Lisa and every other computer in the world.

It lets you concentrate on what you want done.

Not on how to get a computer to do it.

Soon there’ll be just two kinds of people. Those who use computers and those who use Apples.

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