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One-page System 7 advertisement from Byte 9/1992.

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4,000,007 reasons to upgrade to System 7.

1. Rave reviews.

MacUser gave System 7 its Editors’ Choice Award. Byte, its Award of Excellence. Software Publishers Association named it a Best New Business Software Product of the Year.

2. One-step installation.

The “Before You Install” disk confirms the compatibility of your software (including INITS). Then, simply click the mouse to install System 7. Any questions? 90 days’ toll-free phone assistance included.

3. It’s developed quite a following.

Developers have shipped hundreds of applications that take advantage of System 7 power. Microsoft, Claris, Lotus, Aldus, Adobe and many more.

4. Runs on your Macintosh today.

System 7 works on all Macintosh computers. To run multiple programs, four megabytes of memory are recommended. Two megabytes are required.

5. Powerful software utilities.

System 7 will let you run the latest software utilities from Apple, including Macintosh PC Exchange, QuickTime™ and AppleTalk® Remote Access.

6. More power out of the box.

MacWorld says, “The new Finder... is worth the cost alone.” System 7 improves the way you organize, view and work with your information. Built-in file sharing lets you share files over a network, simply and easily.

7. Keep your investment current.

The best may to keep up with the latest technology is to stay ahead with System 7. You’ll need it to take full advantage of today’s applications, hardware and software. And it will help you grow with the future as new technology innovations come along.

Macintosh System 7. If the first seven reasons didn’t convince you to upgrade, just ask the four million Macintosh® users who have already discovered the power of System 7.™ Call us at 1-800-538-9696, ext. 185. We’ll give you the name of an Apple software reseller near you. And you’ll discover the power of System 7. The power to be your best.®

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© 1992 Apple Computer, Inc. All rights reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, AppleTalk, Macintosh and “The power to be your best” are registered trademarks of Apple compyter, Inc. QuickTime and System 7 are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. This ad was created using Macintosh computers.

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