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System 7 Personal Upgrade Kit advertisement from MacUser 9/1991.

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The Macintosh of the future is the Macintosh on your desk.

Introducing the System 7 Personal Upgrade Kit.

You’ve read and heard a lot about System 7, the new system software for Apple® Macintosh® computers.

And if you already know what it will do for your Macintosh, perhaps the only other thing you need to know is this: Your System 7 Personal Upgrade Kit is ready.

You can order it right from the next page, or from your authorized Apple reseller. Just proceed to the phone number above the coupon. But if you’d like a reminder of what System 7 is all about, please read on.

More powerful capabilities. More ease of use.

That’s what System 7 brings to your Macintosh. As soon as you install it, you’ll enjoy an array of new capabilities, and be ready for a new generation of software. And since System 7 runs virtually all current applications, you’ll enjoy its benefits without giving up a thing.

We’ve also made Macintosh easier to use. For instance, take a look at Apple Balloon Help,™ our new on-line help feature. Point to an item on the screen, and a balloon pops up next to it, telling you what it’s for. So applications are quicker to learn, and easier to make the most of.

Everything gets smoother and simpler.

With System 7, there’s a big improvement in big type. Thanks to Apple’s TrueType™ font technology, you get perfectly smooth letters on the screen, no matter what their size, along with more professional-looking output. And you don’t need the Font/DA Mover. To install TrueType fonts, just drag their icons into the System Folder. (Ditto for desk accessories.)

Open an application. Work. Save. Quit. Open another application. Until now, that’s how you’ve probably moved from, say, a word processing program to a spreadsheet. With improved multitasking, you can keep several applications open at once, and choose between them with a mouse click. So you don’t have to stop what you’re doing to print, search for files, duplicate files, or share data.

Using applications simultaneously can demand lots of memory, but with System 7 you aren’t likely to see a not-enough-memory message. Because there’s virtual memory.* When you need extra memory, just tell System 7 to use the spare room on your hard disk. Your Macintosh will work without interruption, and so will you.

See what’s developing.

System 7 gives developers a far-reaching new set of tools, enabling them to offer applications that do new things for you. For example, to the fame and success of cut and paste, we’ve added publish and subscribe. Change something in one document, and it can change – automatically – in every document where it appears. Even if the documents are in different applications or on different computers across a network.

System 7 also enables any Macintosh on a network to share documents and applications with any other.

We could go on. But the main point is really this:

System 7 is ready for your Macintosh.

To run System 7, all you need is 2 megabytes of memory and a hard disk. (If you don’t have enough memory, you can purchase it from your authorized Apple reseller.)

System 7 sets new standards in personal computing, and so does the way Apple brings it to you. To make installation simple and sure, your System 7 Personal Upgrade Kit** comes with everything you need – disks, manuals, and 90 days of telephone upgrade assistance. Yet your System 7 Personal Upgrade Kit costs only $99 (plus shipping and handling).†

Which, of course, brings us to the matter of getting System 7 into your hands, and onto your Macintosh, as soon as possible.

Call the toll-free number below. We’ll take your order, or give you the name of an authorized Apple reseller. Or you can mail the accompanying form. And let System 7 give you even more of what Macintosh has always given you. The power to be your best.®

You can order System 7 from this page, or from your Apple reseller.

Call 1-800-6544068, ext. 210

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What’s on the Apple menu? You decide, by dragging any document or application into the Apple Menu Items folder. To open it, just click. And for a quick way to see what’s inside a folder, click the triangle next to it.

With enhanced multitasking, you can keep several applications open at once, and continue to work while you print, search for, copy, or share files. Thanks to virtual memory, multitasking capability isn’t limited by the amount of RAM.

Introducing Balloon Help. Point to anything – a menu item, icon, or tool – and a balloon appears, telling you what it is and what it does. Balloon Help is available in the Apple Finder™ and in a new generation of applications.

With TrueType, even the largest letters display perfectly on the screen, with no jaggy, “staircase” edges. You also get terrific printed output with almost any kind of printer. And System 7 is compatible with the fonts you already have.

[fine print]

©1991 Apple Computer, Inc. Apple, the Apple logo, Macintosh, and “The power to be your best” are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. Balloon Help, Finder, and TrueType are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. *Virtual memory is supported by Macintosh computers with a 68030 microprocessor and Macintosh computers with both a 68020 microprocessor and a 68851 PMMU. **A System 7 Group Upgrade Kit, designed for managers of large Macintosh installations, is available from Apple resellers only. †Suggested retail price. Allow two to three weeks for delivery. Offer good only in the United States. Offer expires December 31, 1991.

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