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Two-page Mac OS 7.5 advertisement from MacUser 4/95.

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Introducing Macintosh System 7.5. It can upgrade your career.

Drag-and-Drop printing.

Avoid lines when working on your network. You can print documents simply by using icons on your desktop. To print a file, just drag it onto a printer icon. To change printers, just drop the file onto a different printer icon.

Macintosh PC Exchange™.

It’s built in, so now you can easily share documents with DOS and Windows users, view the contents of DOS disks as if they came from another Mac, and open and edit files even when you don’t have the applications they were created in.

Enhanced desktop.

Faster and easier access to items in your Apple menu. Track and retrieve your most recently used applications, documents and servers more quickly. Create convenient, on-screen notes with new electronic Stickies.™

Apple Guide.

Learn by doing. Apple Guide can teach you how to use your Macintosh and new applications by walking you through tasks and procedures step by step. On-screen instructions literally point to and highlight the step being described.

Universal Mailbox.

Keep track of how to communicate with people. This single mailbox automatically combines and sorts all your incoming and outgoing mail – including on-line services, e-mail, voice mail, faxes and other messages.


You know those tasks you repeat over and over? With AppleScript, you can automate a series of actions you perform frequently and repeat them with a single keystroke. Leaving more room for work – and less room for error.

Today, everybody keeps telling you to work smarter, not harder. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone finally told you how?

Introducing Macintosh® System 7.5. The latest, greatest version of the Macintosh operating system. A series of more than 50 refinements, enhancements and improvements that will do more than simply change the way your Macintosh personal computer works – they’ll change the way you work. Making you more productive than ever.

For starters, Macintosh System 7.5 enables you to collaborate with others much more effectively.

It speeds up repetitive tasks, makes it possible to send and receive mail from a variety of sources through a single mailbox, lets you swap files with PCs and allows you to open Macintosh, DOS and Windows documents – even when you don’t have the applications used to create them.

When it’s time to print, you can do so quickly by using simple icons right on your desktop.

You can even teach yourself how to use your Mac™ and new applications with the Apple® Guide, as it literally walks you through procedures, step by step.

Ultimately, it’s all about giving you more of everything you buy a Macintosh for in the first place. More power. More performance. More simplicity. More Macintosh.

For the name and location of an authorized Apple software reseller near you, call 800-538-9696, ext. 250.

Because with the new power of Macintosh, there’s really no telling how far you’ll be able to go.

The power to be your best.®




NAME: Chris Wolfe
TITLE: Product Manager
DEPARTMENT: Account Management

[x] Outstanding
[ ] Commendable
[ ] Satisfactory
[ ] Needs Improvement

Chris has become an indispensable member of the account team. He has demonstrated a high level of motivation and enthusiasm for the job. Perhaps the most compelling evidence of this can be found in his ability to work independently, where he picks up new tasks easily with little need for supervision or instruction. He consistently recognizes and works around obstacles to maintain productivity. Consequently, he often completes assignments ahead of schedule. At a time when collaboration is more critical than ever, Chris has also proven to be an excellent team player. He works effectively with coworkers on projects where teamwork is essential, and can easily motivate and inspire others to achieve. When delegating tasks, his thoughts are well organized and his ideas clearly articulated – an indication of his excellent communication skills. His projects are all distinguished by an attention to detail. His conclusions are always sound and logical. And he excels in time management, effectively compiling and analyzing information. He always manages to work efficiently, setting an example for effort throughout the company. Promotion and appropriate compensation are recommended at this time.

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Look for this logo as a sign of compatibility with the Mac operating system.

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