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Mac OS 7.5 games advertisement from Wired 11/96.

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Here’s a bunch of cool games for the Mac. Even though research tells us you’ll have a favorite and compulsively play it 46,658 times.

Pick your poison: Russia’s premier helicopter, the Werewolf, or the U.S.’s 21st-century Comanche. Either way. you’re a flying fool, with more realism packed into two CDs than a tower buzz at Baghdad Airport. Motion sickness bag not included. From NovaLogic.

MechWarrior 2 puts you in control of the BattleMech, the awesome 31st-century war machine. Customize one of 15 Mechs to fight in over 30 challenging missions against enemy Mechs. Ascent the ranks of your clan to become the ultimate MechWarrior. From Activision.

Heroes brings out the warlord in you – a fantasy/strategy game that puts you in command, recruiting heroes and their forces to battle up to three human or computer adversaries. What’s at stake? Only the entire world, as you know it. from New World Computing.

Gabriel Knight. The hero of the spine-tingling “Sins of the Father” scares the living pants off as once again as he solves this multiple mutilation murder tale, The Best Within. You’ll leave every light on in the house for a week after this one. From Sierra On-Line.

Never again feel the loss associated with finishing a game of Marathon. The third chapter brings it all full circle, and Bungie’s own editing tools give you limitless power to create the adventures. We still recommend retina breaks every 30 hours or so. From Bungie.

Descent II’s new 360° 3-D animation will keep you glued to the screen for hours us you battle an armada of crazed robots. You’ll tap into a ton of cool, high-tech weaponry and all the wits and reflexes you can muster as you try to fight off the onslaught. From MacPlay.

Did you know that there’s an actual strategy to going 200 mph? It’s all laid out here, plus you can race to your heart’s content with no fear of losing your license or melting a crankshaft. IndyCar is virtual decadence at its self-absorbed best. From Sierra On-Line.

WarCraft II, the best-selling PC game, now explodes on the Macintosh. Take command of either the ruthless Orcs or the noble humans in your quest to rule the land of Azeroth. Make powerful new allies, battle terrifying new creatures, conquer new lands. From Blizzard Entertainment.

Become the omnipotent, godlike and somewhat goofy ruler of your own kingdom as you determine the final resting place of your “souls.” Afterlife will have you laughing, or screaming, or possibly both as you try to figure out what to do with your new friends. From Lucas Arts.

Full Tilt! Pinball is as real as it gets. A truly realistic pinball experience on a computer. Accept the challenge of three mesmerizing pinball tables, each with its own photorealistic 3-D graphics, incredible sound effects and accurately modeled ball movement. From Maxis, Inc.

When it comes to cool games for the Mac,® the world is your virtual oyster. (And if you’d ever look up from your computer for a second, you’d know this.) So, while we’re lucky enough to have your attention, know this: you can find great Mac software on the web, in pretty catalogs and lots of great places like Best Buy and CompUSA. In fact, just short of beaming game code directly into your cerebral cortex via satellite, you can get your hands on the really good stuff almost any way you want. To begin your obsession with Mac software and to check out all these different ways to buy, get on the Internet and plant yourself in front of our web site at Or, if you’re into tradition, call 800-500-4862.

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