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Mac OS 7.5 software advertisement from MacUser 11/96.

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Your kids can actually become smarter than they already are. Shocking isn’t it?

JumpStart Toddlers features musical animals, bouncing shapes and an enchanted chalkboard to present the alphabet, numbers and over 200 vocabulary words in this magical first step in computer discovery for children 18 months to 3 years. From Knowledge Adventure.

What’s the best tool for kids to learn about basic fractions? A pizza, of course. That’s just one of the 25 fun activities found in Interactive Math Journey. With it, kids build skills, problem-solving abilities and most important, confidence in math. From The Learning Company.

Freddi Fish and his sidekick Luther are on the case of the haunted schoolhouse and its missing toys. This undersea mystery has everything to keep the kids entertained for hours as they help the finned dynamic duo solve the crime. From Humongous Entertainment.

The Canine Revitalizer’s been stolen and it’s Elroy and Syd’s science project. What happens if they can’t solve the riddles, unravel the codes and crack basic science puzzles to solve this terrible crime? A fate too scary for any kid – summer school. From Headbone Interactive.

Now there are ten widely acclaimed Macintosh® games in their original format, all in one package. You’ll find great entertainment titles like Wing Commander III, PGA Tour Golf III and System Shock, plus three hot edutainment titles for the kids. From Electronic Arts.

Join Kermit and the Muppet crew in their very own version of the Robet Louis Stevenson classic, “Treasure Island.” Outsmart the scurvy pirates as you discover puzzles, activities and fun learning games in this exciting interactive hunt for buried treasure. From Activision.

Deep within the heart of the Math Metropolis lies the secret to math success. Whether kids are having a tough time with math or are certified math superstars, Mighty Math Number Heroes will put them on the road to math greatness. From Edmark.

This new edition of Carmen helps kids with world geography and cultures as they explore 50 countries, getting fun clues from animated characters along the way. A rich database is included, with video clips from the National Geographic Society. From Brøderbund.

A collection of third-party software from Apple Computer handpicked with you and the Internet in mind. You’re on the web in minutes with the help of the easy-to-use Internet Dialer application. It comes with a manual too, written in simple “Apple Guide” language.

The math program that has set the standard for helping kids learn math is now bigger and better than ever before. Mega Math Blaster gives you enhanced arcade games, exclusive supplemental learning materials and, most important, more math fun. From Davidson.

With all the quality education software now available for the Mac®, your kid’s head can fill with knowledge faster than you can say “academic scholarship.’ And the nice thing is, you don’t have to comb the Earth to find it. There’s the completely ’90s experience of buying it off the Internet. Or you can go through one of the very informative mail-order catalogs. Perhaps you want to get out of the house (no explanation is necessary). For that, there are a bunch of great stores like Best Buy and CompUSA. And if you can’t tell by now, we’re out to make finding excellent Mac software just as easy as using it. So let’s review. If you want to become better educated on our incredible selection of software and all the different ways you can buy it, just pull up a chair at ourweb site, which is Or call 800-500-4862.

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