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Mac OS 7.5 software advertisement from MacUser 3/97.

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For all you know, that conglomerate you’re up against is a five person operation using all Mac software.

Stencil It! from Kaetron Software is packed with powerful tools and images (called stencils) that work together to automate the creation of flowcharts, network diagrams, uieb pages, floor plans, technical drawings, timelines and more. Instantly turn your creation into a hyperlinked web page.

Get the office suite that works hard for your small business. Now, with essential small business tools and the Bookshelf CD-ROM reference library. Microsoft Office 4.2.1 makes it easy to portray a professional image, work seamlessly with other organizations and increase productivity.

Now Software brings you the #1 best-selling schedule and contact manager for the Macintosh. It’s perfect for individuals, workgroups and the web. Fast and easy: one-click access to your schedule and contacts, plus easy setup for group scheduling and sharing calendars and contacts.

Automate sales, focus marketing, control inventory and simplify accounting – run your whole company with just one program! Sound too good to be true? See for yourself. Get Big Business FREE! Just visit From Big Software.

Over 30 new shortcuts and improvements make Quicken Deluxe for ’97 the fastest, easiest Quicken ever. Improved registers, reports, graphs, free mutual fund quotes and a new, streamlined interface designed for Mac users speed up daily tasks. Get Clickin’ with Quicken. From Intuit.

Get two computers in one! With SoftWindows 3.0 from Insignia Solutions you can run Windows and DOS applications on your Power Mac, right alongside your Mac OS programs. It’s 35% faster than version 2.0 and offers Sound Blaster compatibility for Windows applications.

In the past, you practically had to be a programmer to create pages for the World Wide Web. But now, whether you’re a small business or home user, manager or webmaster, with Adobe PageMill software for the Mac, you can create professional, dynamic and colorful pages – quickly and easily.

Increase your productivity and achieve greater personal and professional success with ASCEND 4.0 from Franklin Quest. Its unique features help you plan your entire day, week or month. Schedule repeating tasks and recurring appointments and print onto Franklin Day Planner pages.

M.Y.O.B. is designed to help you do exactly that – Mind Your Own Business. With 100 business templates, a powerful report customizes comprehensive payroll, instant cash-flow analysis and more, it’s the perfect solution to help manage your business effortlessly. From Best!Ware.

Spell Catcher will become your constant writing companion. It enhances your vocabulary, checks your spelling as you write, saves you time and keystrokes with a customizable shorthand glossary and saves your work automatically. Your masterpiece is in good hands now. From Casady & Greene.

You’d swear that ruthless competitor is a 100,000 person operation blanketing the globe. Yet it could easily be someone just like you, a group of brave entrepreneurs making a go of it. Except, perhaps, for one very important fact. They have an edge. They’re doing business on a Macintosh® computer – where the difficult becomes easy, little becomes big, good becomes brilliant. And, as any businessperson knows, any edge you can get is an edge you need. So visit stores like CompUSA, Best Buy and Computerware and check out productivity software for the Mac.® Or browse through mail order catalogs like Macwarehouse and MacMall. One thing’s for sure, once you get all this great software, the only thing left to do is, well, outmaneuver that conglomerate. To get started, visit Or call 800-500-4862, ext. 100.

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