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Mac OS 7.5 advertisement from MacUser 12/95.

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The meeting’s in an hour, the charts are in Windows, and you can’t find the sticky with the client’s address.

Let’s talk System 7.5.

System 7.5 will help you get your stuff done faster. Here’s how.

Millions of Apple® Macintosh® users are finding that life at the office is a whole lot easier with System 7.5 – especially in a crunch.

It’s better organized, so you can be too.

System 7.5 is full of new ways to help you be more efficient. Like ‘WindowShade’ to let you get at what’s behind a window without closing or moving it; a double click on the title bar and the window disappears, but the bar stays. The new ‘Find File’ has more search criteria so you get to the document you want, faster. The Apple menu has new hierarchical sub-menus that take you straight to control panels and applications – no more clicking your way through layers of windows. And you know those little notes stuck all over your desk? It’s time to replace them with electronic ‘Stickies’ that you post on your Macintosh desktop. No more losing that little reminder you stuck... uh... somewhere.

Putting it all together

Integrating other people’s work into yours is a snap with System 7.5. No matter what application or personal computer they used, System 7.5 treats their files just like Macintosh files. And System 7.5 comes with a free copy of MacLinkPlus translators to make it easier than ever to share material with others.

A whole new level of on-line assistance

System 7.5’s new Apple Guide interactive help system is like having a computer expert right inside your Macintosh. It walks you through functions step by step, pointing out exactly what to do next. That way you learn the fastest way possible: by ‘doing’, not just reading instructions.

Of course the best time to upgrade to System 7.5 is before the next crisis hits your desk. So order today by calling 1-800-950-5382 ext. 785. Or call 1-800-538-9696 ext. 250 for the Apple reseller nearest you.

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It’s powerful, it’s easy to use – it’s the new operating system for your Macintosh.

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