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One-page Mac OS 7.5 advertisement from MacUser 7/95.

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Need another reason to upgrade to System 7.5?
(Take your pick.)

A. Apple Watch
B. Conflict Catcher

It’s 7.5 Time. Upgrade to System 7.5 today and get a FREE gift.

There’s never been a better time to upgrade to Macintosh® System 7.5. That’s because if you buy System 7.5 from May 1 to July 31, 1995, you have your choice of either of these gifts from Apple. The Apple Logo watch or Conflict Catcher 3 from Casady & Greene (suggested retail price $99.95), an award-winning startup manager and problem-solver.

More than 1 million people are already taking advantage of the many new features found in System 7.5. Like enhanced printer controls. One-stop access to e-mail, faxing and the Internet. Instant access to DOS and Windows files. And Apple Guide, the interactive help feature that will walk you through every advancement in System 7.5, so you won’t get lost. What other possible reason could you ask for?

So what does it take to upgrade to System 7.5? Just stop into your nearest reseller today and ask how you can receive a free gift coupon with your System 7.5 purchase. Call 800-538-9696 for more details or your nearest reseller, or call 800-769-2775, ext. 5770, to order directly from Apple. Take your pick.


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