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Mac OS 8.0 advertisement from Wired 8/97.

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Visionaries, innovators and futurists, system has arrived. your operating system has arrived.

Introducing Mac OS 8. Superior performance, Multi-tasking, Unparalleled customization, Integrated Internet tools. No barriers.

You’ve always had a vision. And to see that vision through, you’ve always used your Mac® OS computer. The only tool for the job. Now with Mac OS 8, your tool just got a whole lot sharper.

Want to accomplish more in less time? Mac OS 8 makes it happen with performance. Increased performance with the multi-threaded Finder™ software lets you accomplish several tasks at once, like opening and copying files without any waiting around. Once you launch Mac OS 8 you’ll notice a new 3-dimensional look that’s even easier to work with. Spring-open folders, contextual menus and pop-up windows are a part of Mac OS 8’s new navigation and customization features that let you organize your system to match your individual work style. And Mac OS 8 has integrated Internet capabilities. Tools like Netscape Navigator™, the PointCast Network, Internet Mac OS Explorer, Marimba Castanet Tuner and a new Internet Setup Assistant are built right in. Personal Web Sharing allows you to use your computer as an intranet web server. And built-in Java™ support lets you download and run Java applets on your desktop without having to launch your browser. All this continues the Mac OS tradition of helping you work the way you think. It even includes QuickTime® multimedia technology. What’s more, Mac OS 8 can read Windows files, whether you have the original application or not. It’s also compatible with your existing Mac applications. Mac OS 8 is designed for 68040 and PowerPC™-based systems, and features reliability improvements that’ll have you glad you went with the power of 8.

You have what it takes to create your own reality. And with Mac OS 8, you can create it without barriers.

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What a difference 8 makes.

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Only Apple.

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