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An advertisement from 8/97, describing the future of Mac OS.

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The Mac OS Report

Number two in a series – the facts about Mac OS 8

Mac® OS 8 is coming. It will give you, and millions of other Macintosh® users, a whole new way of working.

It will give your Apple® Macintosh computer (or, for that matter, any other Mac OS computer of your choice) a dramatic new look and feel, along with all kinds of enhanced capabilities for accessing the Internet.

It will also set an entirely new standard of powerful, intuitive computing – a standard the competition can try to catch up to. (Again.)

A new way of working

The moment you start using Mac OS 8, you’ll feel the difference: you’ll find yourself accomplishing more in less time. A multi-threaded Finder™ lets you execute multiple tasks simultaneously such as launching applications and copying files. Mac OS 8 includes new information-management tools, such as contextual pop-up menus and spring-loaded folders, that give you quicker and easier access to all your information. A scalable environment lets you either limit pur menu and window options, or expand them – whichever works better for you. A new, dimensional look makes the interface more dynamic and engaging than ever. And Mac OS 8 also includes the latest versions of QuickTime® with its MPEG support, QuickTime VR and QuickDraw® 3D.

How easy is it to get going with all these new technologies and features? Very. Because our new installer and setup assistants take you through each step of configuring your new system software. Once you’re up and running, PowerPC™-native code improves your performance. Mac OS 8 is also completely compatible with all PowerPC and 68040-based hardware and software.

A new way of accessing the Internet

Mac OS 8 includes TCP/IP and PPP for easy network or modem access direct from the Finder. You get Netscape Navigator™ and the PointCast Network.™ And a new Internet Setup Assistant makes it easier than ever to get on the Net, whether you’re doing it from home with a modem or from work with a high-speed connection. Personal web sharing is standard, so you can turn any Macintosh into an Internet web server. And Java™ support is built in, so you can run Java applications just as though they were any other desktop applications. (If you were wondering, Windows® 95 can’t do this.)

And more advancements are on the way

Mac OS 8 is one of the most significant advances in OS technology ever. And it’s just the beginning – additional upgrades are planned. And our support for the Mac OS will continue for years.

At the same time, we’re also working on an industrial-strength OS, code-named Rhapsody, that will offer features such as protected memory, preemptive multitasking and symmetric multiprocessing. Rhapsody will also provide backwards compatibility, so you can be sure that the vast majority of your Mac OS apps will run on Rhapsody, too.

In other words: Apple is still developing the most innovative, user-friendly and consistently superior products on the market. That’s one part of our system that won’t change. To learn more, visit

If you want to use Netscape Navigator to browse the Net, you’ll like this: it’s an integrated part of Mac OS 8.

It’s the PointCast Network. It comes with Mac OS 8. And it grabs the news you want directly off the Net to create customized desktop news pages. Daily. Hourly. As often as you want.

When you get Mac OS 8, you also get built-in Java support, so you can run both local and network-based Java software just like other desktop applications.

Mac OS bos always been the easiest and most intuitive of all operating systems. Now, Mac OS 8 brings this kind of computing to a whole new level.

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