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Mac OS 8.0 advertisement from MacUser 10/97.

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Introducing Mac OS 8. Superior performance, Multi-tasking, Unparalleled customization, Integrated Internet tools. Out of this world.

An operating system so advanced it could only come from Apple. (Or did it?)

Get ready for a close encounter of the eighth kind. Mac® OS 8 is here. And with it comes a whole new way of working with your Mac OS computer.

Mac OS 8 has a simple purpose on this planet: to help you work more productively, and remove the barriers between you and your full potential. And it does this with performance that’s out of this world. Mac OS 8 has integrated Internet capabilities. Netscape Navigator™, the PointCast Network, Internet Explorer and a new Internet Setup Assistant are built right in, making it easier than ever to get on the Net, to email, surf or browse the cosmos.* And to show that Mac OS 8 comes in peace, it an read Windows files, whether you have the original application or not. It’s also compatible with most of your existing Mac applications. Mac OS 8 is designed for 68040 and PowerPC™ based systems, and features reliability improvements that’ll have you glad you went with the power of 8.

Intelligent life is out there. And Mac OS 8 is proof.

For your own close encounter with Mac OS 8, visit for a list of local software resellers or a free demo. Or give us a ring at 1-800-482-6376 ext. 1558.

What a difference 8 makes.

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Open and copy several files at once with the Mac OS 8 multi-tasking Finder™ software.

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