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Eight-page Mac OS 8.5 advertisement from Wired 12/98.

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Get a new Mac for $99.

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Introducing our most powerful Macintosh yet.

(Shown actual size.)

You only get one brain per lifetime. Unless, of course, you’re a Macintosh® computer. In which case, you can now trade up in a very big way.

The new Mac OS 8.5 is here. For only $99*, it’s an affordable way to give your PowerPC™-based Mac a higher level of intelligence.

Just how advanced is Mac OS 8.5? For starters, it’s the world’s most Internet-savvy OS. With the power to hunt down information around the world using multiple Internet search engines simultaneously.

It’s now up to five times faster than its predecessor. With the ability to zap huge files across a network faster than Windows NT.**

It’s just plain smarter. With a host of intelligent features to streamline and automate the things you do every day.

Best of all, it’s easy. Double-click the install icon, and in less than 15 minutes[cross]; you’ve got a whole new Macintosh.

*Estimated retail price. Tax not included. **Based on copying large files over 100Mbps Ethernet via IP. [cross]For iMac™; other models may vary.

[pages 4-5]

Mac OS 8.5: Starring Sherlock, your personal search detective.

Remember the ever-useful “Find” feature? Now it’s infinitely more powerful. In Mac OS 8.5, we call it Sherlock™ – because, at your request, it relentlessly digs up information wherever it’s hiding. On the Internet or deep inside your hard disk. To find anything on the Internet, all you have to do is ask in plain English. Sherlock springs into action, unleashing a cadre of search engines simultaneously. In seconds, the results begin to stream onto your screen – a list of web pages, ranked by relevance, with summaries attached. Simply click a listing and Sherlock takes you directly to that web page. If you’re looking for something on your hard disk, Sherlock searches by content as well as title. So you can dig up files even if you can only remember a word or phrase. Having Sherlock is like having a tenacious detective on call 24 hours a day. Without the extravagant retainer.

1. Enter your request.

Looking for specific information? Need some answers fast? Sherlock is smart enough to understand the most advanced search language on earth: English. There’s no need to bother with symbols or quotation marks. Simply enter a key word or phrase – Sherlock takes your cue and instantly springs into hot pursuit.

2. Sherlock searches for clues.

At Sherlock’s command are some of the world’s most powerful Internet search engines, all working simultaneously. You don’t even have to open your web browser – just a single click sends Sherlock into action. And in about the time it took you to read the last sentence, the results start pouring onto your desktop.

3. Sherlock reports back.

Sherlock is meticulous. As your search results begin to come in, they’re organized in a tidy list – dynamically sorted by relevance. And every item is just a doubleclick away. If the item is on a list of web pages, for example, Sherlock will open your browser and take you there posthaste. If the item is on a list of documents in your computer, Sherlock will, at your request, either summarize it or open it. Case closed.

[pages 6-7]

Inside every PowerPC Mac, there’s a new Mac waiting to burst out.

[Mac OS 8.5 screenshot]

Mac OS 8.5 puts a powerful new Mac inside the Macintosh you already own. So almost all of your applications will run better. You’ll see improvements in the things you do every day, from scrolling and printing to searching, copying and e-mailing.

[Windows NT Workstation box]

Cut down on the foot-tapping and finger-drumming while you wait for your gargantuan files to copy across the network. With Mac OS 8.5, network copying is twice as fast as Mac OS 8.1 and about 20%faster than Windows NT.*

[AppleScript logo]

AppleScript® is now fully native and optimized for the PowerPC processor – running scripts up to five times faster than before. You can script all kinds of new things, including printing, Sherlock. ColorSync® and network configuration. You can even attach a script to a folder, so dropping a document onto a folder automatically does your work for you.

[TrueType letter A]

Mac OS 8.5 supports anti-aliasing for TrueType® fonts, which smoothes the “jaggies” that sometimes appear along the edges of font characters. A textbook example of great-looking text.

[Date/Time Preferences icon]

Never set your clock again. Mac OS 8.5 will automatically synchronize your Macintosh over the Internet with the world’s most accurate timepieces. Heck, it will even automatically adjust your Mac’s clock for daylight saving time to keep you in sync with the world.

[QuickTime icon]

Mac OS 8.5 comes complete with the gold standard of multimedia: QuickTime® 3. In fact, we’ve even included the upgrade to QuickTime 3 Pro (a $29.95 value), so you can do cool things like save and edit the video images you download from the web.

[EarthLink logo]

To get you started on the Internet quickly, Mac OS 8.5 comes complete with 30 days of free access via EarthLink (and an easy way to sign up). It also includes both Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator™ for browsing and Outlook Express for access to e-mail and newsgroups.

[Application Switcher screenshot]

The answer to the age-old question, “Where am I?” Mac OS 8.5 makes it easy to tell which application is active, displaying both the icon and the application name in the menu bar. You can even tear off the Application Switcher and place it anywhere on the desktop for one-click access to all your running apps.

[scrollbar screenshot]

Introducing Smart Scrolling. Now, in any Finder™ window, just a glance at the scroll bar “thumb” tells you what portion of the window contents you’re currently viewing. (Coming soon to your favorite applications as well.) Plus, you can position the scroll arrows next to each other, saving lots of extra mouse movements when you scroll up and down.

[ColorSync logo]

To keep colors from getting lost in translation from scanner (or digital camera) to screen to paper to web, ColorSync is the undisputed standard, Mac OS 8.5 has the latest version, so you’ll be showing your true colors every step of the way.

[printer icon]

Now you can rush things into print. Just drag and drop any graphics file – JPEG, EPS, PICT or PostScript™ – onto a desktop printer icon and let the printing begin. No application launching. No wasted time.

[Mac OS installation splash]

Perform a brain transplant on your Mac in less than 15 minutes.** Installing Mac OS 8.5 is as easy as clicking the install icon. You can create scripts to perform identical installations on many machines, or use Apple® Network Assistant to install Mac OS 8.5 on remote Macs from the comfort of your desk.

[ icon]

If you think turning documents and applications into “aliases” was a great time saver, wait until you try it with URLs, web links and e-mail addresses. Drag any of these things to the desktop and you’ll create an alias – ready to whisk you to a web site or open a pre-addressed e-mail message.

*Based on copying large files over 100Mbps Ethernet via IP. **For iMac; other models may vary.

[page 8]

Small investment, big return.

Upgrading a single Mac application is a great way to make one application run better. Upgrading to Mac OS 8.5 is a great way to make almost all your applications run better.

So, at $99*, Mac OS 8.5 is not only one of the most affordable upgrades you can make, it’s by far the best. Whether you’re a casual Mac user or a seasoned Mac pro.

Pick up a copy of Mac OS 8.5 for your PowerPC-based Macintosh at your authorized Apple reseller (call 1-800-538-9696 for the location nearest you). Or visit the Apple Store™ at

It’s the fastest, easiest way to get a whole new Macintosh.

Think different.™

[fine print]

*Estimated retail price. Tax not included. Requires Mac OS-based Apple computer with PowerPC processor and 16MB of physical RAM, with virtual memory set to at least 24MB. Apple PC Compatibility Card not supported. Internet access requires ISP. © 1998 Apple Computer, Inc. All rights reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, AppleScript, ColorSync, the ColorSync logo, Mac, Macintosh, the Mac OS logo, QuickTime and TrueType are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. The Apple Store, Finder, iMac, the QuickTime logo, Sherlock and “Think different” are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. Adobe and PostScript are trademarks of Adobe Systems, Inc. Netscape Navigator is a trademark of Netscape Communications Corp. PowerPC is a trademark of IBM Corp. user under license therefrom. L03369A

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