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Two-page Mac OS X Tiger advertisement from Macworld 8/2005.

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“It leaves Windows XP in the dust.”
Walter Mossberg, The Wall Street Journal

“It’s the most elegant, useful and powerful operating system I’ve ever used in three decades of computer ownership. It runs circles around Windows.”
Mike Wendland, Detroit Free Press

“Spotlight isn’t just a fast Find command. It’s an enhancement that’s so deep, convenient and powerful, it threatens to reduce the 20-year-old Mac/Windows system of nested folders to irrelevance.”
David Pogue, The New York Times

“Want to see what the future of personal computing looks like? Don’t wait for Microsoft to show you; go out and get yourself a copy of Apple’s latest operating system release, OS X Tiger. It’s that good.”
Michael Gartenberg, Computerworld

“Not only is Spotlight super fast, but it looks through absolutely everything: email messages, contacts, the information attached to digital photos, even a page you scanned in or a map you downloaded from the web.”
Chris Taylor, Time

“I remember writing an article about Lotus 1-2-3 back when the product was released during the 80s.... it may have been nearly two decades since I wrote that column, but it took Spotlight less than 2 seconds to find it.”
Larry Magid,

Mac OS X Tiger™

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