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An advertisement of Pinball Construction Set from Softalk 9/83.

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Making pinball games used to be hard work. Now it’s fun.

Play it.

Play as you build. You don’t have to wait until it’s finished. Start playing your game at any stage of construction.

Perfect it.

After you’ve tested your game, make any changes quickly and easily. Add all the finishing touches.

With the magnifier, create hi-res designs in color. Use the wiring kit to establish the scoring rules and sound effects. You can even tailor the physical characteristics of your game by increasing or decreasing the effects of gravity, bounce and elasticity on the play of the ball.

Build it.

With Bill Budge’s Pinball Construction Set you can easily build video pinball games of your own design. Using the set of video tools provided, put bumpers, flippers, and other pinball pieces wherever you like. You can execute all your ideas easily and instantly – Pinball Construction Set has a user-interface which until recently has been available only in expensive systems like Apple’s LISA®. When you use Pinball Construction Set, you’ll feel like you’re building with your own hands.

When you’ve built the game to end all games, save it on a disk. Give it to your friends or join the ranks of those who are actually selling games they made using Pinball Construction Set. One thing’s for sure – you’re in for countless hours of fun building with Pinball Construction Set by Bill Budge. Available for the Apple II® at your local software retailer. Suggested retail price: $39.95

The video pinball program that plays like a construction set.


428 Pala Ave.
Piedmont, Calif.
94611 · 415-658-8141

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Shape obstacles in your game using the video tools.

Use the magnifier for easy editing.

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