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An advertisement of Pinball Construction Set from Softalk 2/83.

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The First Software Toy

BudgeCo announces The Pinball Construction Set, the first entertainment software that has the simplicity and freedom of interaction of a toy. You don’t use this program – you play with it.

The Pinball Construction Set allows you to build your own video pinball games by providing a library of conventional (and unconventional) pinball pieces and a set of video tools. Use the video hand to put library pieces on the game board-as many - as you want, where you want them.

Use the polygon tools to make borders and obstacles. Add game logic and scoring rules with the wiring kit. Create hi-res designs and logos using the BudgeCo magnifier and paintbrush. Change gravity, time, elasticity and bumper strength. Load and save designs to/from disk.

Available for the Apple II®
Suggested retail price $39.95

428 Pala Ave. Piedmont, CA 94611

Makers of Raster Blaster, winner of the Soltalk Award for most popular program of 1981.

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