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Newton MessagePad 120 advertisement from Wired 4/96.

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The New, Enhanced Apple MessagePad 120.

The new Apple® MessagePad® 120 is powered by the just-released Newton® 2.0 operating system, recent winner of “Best of COMDEX” in its category at COMDEX ’95.

You’re organized while you’re mobilized.

Weighing only 1 lb., the MessagePad 120 has the functions of an electronic organizer, and more. It stores hundreds of names, phone and fax numbers, street and e-mail addresses. It keeps track of your schedule. You can write to-do lists, notes, memos, or even make sketches. Its handwriting recognition has been greatly improved.

It not only organizes, it communicates.

The MessagePad 120 works with the way you communicate today. It can send and receive faxes. It also allows you to receive wireless paging messages and news bulletins. You can exchange e-mail via the Internet. It even has an optional keyboard so you don’t have to carry a laptop.

An easy connection to your PC.

The new MessagePad 120 connects to both Windows and Mac™ OS-based computers. So you’ll be able to create backup files, take your PC files with you, or access your PC from the road. That’s because, with new connection software, you can easily download and upload data from your personal computer to your MessagePad 120.

Check out the new Apple MessagePad 120. You’ll soon discover how it can make you more efficient and productive when you’re on the go.

The New Apple MessagePad 120

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