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Newton MessagePad 2000 advertisement from Wired 6/97.

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Introducing the MessagePad 2000, the only handheld computer you can actually use.

Of all the handheld computers, only the MessagePad 2000 offers sharp, crisp backlighting and a 16-level, high-resolution gray-scale screen that rotates on command. Which means you can always see your work in the best orientation – horizontal or vertical, even upside down. And in the best light. Bright. Or dim.

The MessagePad 2000 gives you more flexibility, thanks to its two PC slots (other handhelds have only one slot). So, for example, you can dedicate one to a wired or wireless modem and use the other for additional memory.

How much can you do in three to six weeks? That’s how long a set of AA batteries lasts under normal usage. Note: normal usage here means a lot. Like having backlighting on, using the modem, crunching numbers, writing e-mail, droning, doodling, whatever.

Built-in software lets you connect directly to a variety of serial, IrDA and LocalTalk® printers – unlike most Windows® CE devices, which have to be hooked up to a PC in order to print.

There’s fast. And then there’s fast. The MessagePad 2000 comes with a screaming 160 MHz RISC processor, which offers up to five times the performance of the 20-40 MHz processors you get with other handheld devices.

The usable area of the MessagePad 2000 screen is up to 56% larger than what you’ll find on most Windows CE products. So, instead of having to decipher small sections at a lime, you can read the entire width of a fax or Web page.

A built-in microphone and speaker let you record and play back voice dictation. And the MessagePad 2000 is the only handheld computer that lets you record and take notes simultaneously.

The MessagePad 2000 works easily with desktop computers. So you can create documents on the MessagePad 2000, then transfer them to and from Microsoft® Excel or Word on any Windows or Mac® OS-based system. Or you can keep your calendar and address book current by synchronizing them with desktop programs like Microsoft Schedule+ 7.0 or Claris Organizer™ 2.0. And it’s easy: with Auto Dock, the MessagePad 2000 makes these transfers automatically.

Unlike Windows CE-based devices, MessagePad 2000 is the only handheld computer that lets you exchange data with both Windows and Mac OS-based computers.

The MessagePad 2000 handheld computer offers a real detachable keyboard (not a tiny, finger-cramping version). So you can quickly and easily type e-mail, business letters, project reports. Only your superb writing slyle – not your aching fingers – will determine the length of your documents.

Of all the handheld computers out there, only one makes it truly easy to be productive on the road. Introducing the MessagePad® 2000. Rather than just letting you view data, the MessagePad 2000 lets you carry out sophisticated tasks with the greatest of ease. For example: you can now write a full-length proposal, insert information downloaded from the Web – even include pricing from your company’s Intranet – and then fax or e-mail it to a client. Try that with an ordinary handheld computer. The MessagePad 2000 has more power, more storage, more flexibility. All contained within the most innovative design, optimized for usefulness. Of course, there’s only one real way to understand how incredible the new MessagePad 2000 is: try it yourself. For the name of a dealer near you, or to get more information, call 800-909-0260. Or visit us at

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