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Newton MessagePad 2000 advertisement from Wired 11/97.

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It’s my competitive advantage.

Check out Smith Co.’s Web site from the plane.
Record last-minute ideas in my own voice while waiting for a cab.
Type competitive analysis on the train (using a real keyboard).*
Beam it to Dave’s new HP printer Print out copies for meeting.
Transfer it into Microsoft Word on my Windows 95 PC. And on Adam’s Macintosh system. Let Susan make changes on her Windows 3.1 PC.
Read everyone’s e-mail input in a dim restaurant (thanks to bright backlighting!).
Check tomorrow’s appointments and make to-do list. (And keep in sync with my office PC.)
Pack just 4 AA batteries for trip to European sales offices. (Sure beats a laptop!)
Travel light (the MessagePad 2000 weighs only 1.4 pounds).

MessagePad 2000
Leave your laptop at home.™

For more information or a dealer near you, call or visit:
1-800-315-7647, ext. 15

Available at ClubMac, Creative Computers, DataVision, MacWAREHOUSE, NewtonSource, RCS

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*Keyboard optional in some configurations. Modem and ISP required for Internet access.

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