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A one-page advertisement of Hewlett-Packard NewWave 3.0 from PC Magazine, May 12, 1992.

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Hewlett-Packard offers straight-talk about Windows.

NewWave for Windows makes your PC work the way you’ve always wanted it to. At a price thats worth talking about. Only $89.

The Desktop Organizer:

Icons: NewWave turns all of your existing DOS and Windows programs and files into icons for an easier-to-use desktop. Files can have 32 character names. Easily move files around the desktop by “dragging and dropping.”

File Cabinet: On your real desk are documents in folders. Your folders are in a file cabinet. NewWave organizes your PC desktop the same way – by project with folder icons, and with a file cabinet for storing folders.

Folders: Finally, you can file your spreadsheet, word processor and graphics documents together by project, for easy access.

Launch & Load: Just click on an icon – both the file and it’s [sic] program open simultaneously – NewWave has linked them together automatically. This means you no longer need to understand the Windows program and file managers to get your work done.

The Work Group Library makes it easier for you to share information with co-workers. We’ve done away with network menus and DOS commands, so you can focus on what you want to do – to share information with colleagues as you work together on the same project. To share text, graphics, and even spreadsheets, simply drag the file icon onto the server icon and your document is immediately available to others on your network. NewWave will track revisions, as well. So an entire group can work on your project and you will know when data has been changed and who has changed it. Welcome to document sharing, the easy way; the NewWave way.

NewWave’s Agent brings automation to Windows. Let “The Agent” watch you complete a task just once, like the monthly update of a budget or sales report, and he’ll complete the same job for you again and again using your existing software applications. You can even automate “The Agent” to work across applications and networks to gather the information you need. And he’s far easier to set up than the Windows’ macro-recorder – because he remembers your steps while you execute them and allows you to edit right then or make changes later. By using his calendar, you can schedule work for him days or weeks in advance. Just think of how much extra time you’ll save by turning “The Agent” loose on all of your recurring tasks.

Put NewWave to work for your organization and find out how easy it is to get more done. Now it’s only $89. At a price like this it pays to be organized.

Call 1-800-848-WAVE ext. 1H and get NewWave for only $89* (suggested retail price $195). But only if you call before 1/30/92.

NewWave for Windows. We’ve made a great idea even better.

Hewlett Packard

* Limited time offer. Limit one per customer.

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