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An advertisement from 1997, spanning two pages and describing the future of Mac OS, including Tempo and Rhapsody.

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(Advertisement scan courtesy of jupiter2 of The Mothership. Link points to external site)


The Mac OS Report. One in a Series.

The Mac OS. It does. It will. you can.

At Apple, we started with one simple goal: to make it easier to do the things you want to do. Over the years, the Macintosh® operating system has helped millions of people do just that, by providing a simple, intuitive approach that makes all aspects of computing easier. But even more impressive than what a Macintosh can help you do today is what it will help you do tomorrow.

It does more than ever.

So what does the future of the Mac® OS look like? For a glimpse, check out our newly released Mac OS 7.6. It’s faster than ever before – so you can start your Mac, launch applications, save files and print up to 40% faster. Connecting to the Internet is easier too. With the latest version of the Apple® Internet Connection Kit (it includes Netscape Navigator™ 3.0 and other Internet tools), you’re one step away from accessing the Net. Or, if you prefer, you can use AOL, or our own Apple Cyberdog™ – they’re included with Mac OS 7.6 along with TCP/IP and PPP.

Mac OS also has the latest version of Apple QuickTime®, the industry standard for multimedia creation and delivery. And it makes upgrading easier: with one CD-ROM and a streamlined installation process.

Intrigued? Then you’ll love what comes next. Because we’re hard at work on the next version of the Mac OS, code-named Tempo. Right from the start you’ll notice a new look, with beveled buttons, icon drop shadows and other 3-D enhancements to the desktop. Tempo will dramatically improve system responsiveness by incorporating multitasking, multi-threaded functionality and native PowerPC™ capabilities directly in the OS. So you can run multiple applications more smoothly, and launch new applications while files are copying in the background. Tempo extends our Internet capabilities with easy setup, personal web sharing and built-in Java™. And it will help you be more organized, by reducing on-screen clutter with spring-loaded folders and pop-up windows for frequently used items.

Of course, Tempo also paves the way for further updates to the Mac OS. Because there’s much more to come.

It will be the NeXT thing.

When we began defining a new software architecture that would take us into the future, we had two clear objectives: to enhance our traditional strengths, and to create an operating system that would leapfrog the competition, setting standards into the next century.

Enter NeXT®. By acquiring NeXT Software and adopting their kernel-based architecture, Apple can offer advanced system services such as true multitasking, protected memory and symmetrical multiprocessing. We have also strengthened our position in client-server and Internet/Intranet markets. And NeXT’s object-oriented development environment and powerful tools such as WebObjects™ and Enterprise Objects Framework™ give us clear advantages in the creation of new solutions.

Merging NeXT and the Mac OS will create a next-generation OS that will give our competitors something new to catch up to. It will be an OS that helps developers create breakthrough applications by allowing greater experimentation and efficient reuse of code. It will include the best of our graphics technologies, such as ColorSync® and QuickDraw® GX. And we plan to adopt the Adobe® PostScript® imaging model as well. It will fully support the Quicklime Media Layer. It will provide industrial-strength reliability, performance and ease of use. And it will be an ideal platform for publishing, multimedia and Internet applications yet to come.

What is the name of this new OS? Its code name is Rhapsody.

It will be an Apple thing.

Rhapsody will leave other operating systems in the dust. But not Apple customers. To start with, Rhapsody will enhance the general look and feel of today’s Mac OS interface. It will support all currently shipping Mac OS-based systems. Itwill run the vast majority of existing Mac OS applications by hosting the complete Mac OS on the Rhapsody kernel.

In short, Rhapsody will run your existing applications and utilities, read your files, recognize your current fonts and extensions and play your movies and sounds. Rhapsody will deliver the kind of technology you expect from Apple. The kind of technology that appeals to anyone who requires the highest performance for publishing, Internet and multimedia authoring, and scientific and technical work. The kind of technology that appeals to people who like to, well, get things done. You can.

What does all this mean? It means you can do everything you’re used to doing now, plus a few things you might not yet imagine. It means you can buy a Mac today and not worry about its compatibility with Rhapsody tomorrow. It means Rhapsody won’t just be a new way to use a Macintosh – it will define an entirely new way to use computers. You can learn more by visiting us at or by calling 800-538-9696 for information by fax.

[illustration captions]

[Power Macintosh]
“The Mac you buy today won’t be obsolete tomorrow. Because Rhapsody will be compatible with all currently shipping Mac OS systems.”

[Mac OS version diagram]
“Apple’s complementary operating systems – Mac OS and Rhapsody – allow you to choose the system that best meets your needs. They also allow you to decide when it’s time to make the transition.”

[Mac OS logo]
“The world’s most intuitive and easy-to-use operating system will remain just that. With regular system updates and enhancements, the Mac OS will take you well into the future.”

[NeXT logo]
“The acquisition of NeXT provides Apple with additional strengths in performance, reliability, network management and rapid application development.”

[QuickTime logo]
“Mac OS 7.6 extends Apple’s leadership in graphics and multimedia by bringing together the latest versions of Apple QuickTime technologies, collectively known as the QuickTime Media Layer”

[Adobe PostScript logo]
“Apple intends to adopt the Adobe® PostScript® imaging model for Rhapsody and transfer the best of our existing graphic technologies, including ColorSync and QuickDraw GX.”

[fine print]

© 1997 Apple Computer, Inc. All rights reserved. Apple, the Apple logo, ColorSync, Mac, Macintosh, the Mac OS logo, QuickDraw and QuickTime are registered trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. Cyberdog and the QuickTime logo are trademarks of Apple Computer, Inc. PowerPC is a trademark of International Business Machines Corporation, used under license therefrom. Java is a tradermark of Sun Microsystems, Inc. Netscape Navigator is a trademark of Netscape Communications Corporation. NeXT, the NeXT logo, Enterprise Objects Framework and WebObjects are trademarks or registered trademarks of NeXT Software, Inc. Adobe, PostScript and the PostScript logo are trademarks of Adobe Systems Incorporated or its subsidiaries and may be registered in certain jurisdictions.

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