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An advertisement of OPEN LOOK from MacUser 12/90.

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Automatic deadline extender.

Remember all those PCs and Macs you got a couple years ago? And the way they were supposed to make you more productive?

But if every deadline is still an eyeball-flattening panic, it’s no wonder. Because PCs were designed for one person. To do one thing at a time.

Of course, in publishing, you’ve got lots of people. Doing lots of different things. All at once. And you need them all in sync with each other.

That’s why you should know about a system that puts more time in your day.


Our workstations give you the power to do lots of things at once. And they’re the ultimate networking machines. So everyone who’s working on a project can work on it at the same time. Without tripping over each other. For example, a writer can edit a story. While an art director revises the layout. While the production manager is redoing the separations to the new size. At the same time, the traffic manager can check the same files to see if everyone’s on schedule.

And you can do all this without trading floppies by hand. Or waiting for the PC to finish one part of your job so you can get started on the next.

With a Sun workstation you get almost four times the speed of a 386 machine. And a million-pixel display Which gives you three times the resolution of conventional PCs. You also get our OPEN LOOK™ user interface, which makes the system easy to learn and use. And there’s a wide range of high-performance publishing software.

You don’t even have to throw out your old hardware; our systems fit right in. In fact, they’ll actually make your current computers more powerful.

If you’d like to know more, just call 1-800-624-8999, ext. 2064. But if you’re too busy to call us right now, that’s OK. We don’t want to put any more deadline pressure on you.

Sun Microsystems.

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