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A third advertisement of OS/2 2.0 from PC Magazine July 1992. This is second page of a two-page advertisement, the first page contains only a picture and small print.

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It’s not about fixing old windows.
It’s about opening new doors.

OS/2® 2.0 is more than a new version. It’s a new vision. A true operating system that takes your DOS, Windows™ and OS/2 applications beyond the limitations of the past – lets you do more with them than you ever could with DOS or DOS with Windows.

Unlike Windows, OS/2 2.0 can run multiple DOS, Windows and OS/2 applications at the same time, in separate windows on the same screen. Print a document and calculate a spreadsheet while you create a new letter. Use icons to print documents without even opening the program. You can even “cut and paste” between any applications – the possibilities are endless. And with OS/2 Crash Protection™, each running application is protected from the next, so if one goes down it won’t affect the others.

Of course, there’s a graphical interface that makes OS/2 easy to install, learn and use – the Workplace Shell™. But maybe the best part is that for less than the cost of DOS and Windows, you get the capabilities of both. Plus all the added benefits of OS/2 2.0 – including Adobe Type Manager™. So for a whole lot less, OS/2 gives you a whole lot more.

For an IBM authorized dealer near you, or to order OS/2 2.0 from IBM – at special introductory prices of $49 for Windows users and $99 from any DOS – call 1 800 3-IBM-OS2.*

Introducing OS/2 2.0.

Runs DOS, Windows and OS/2 applications from a single system.
OS/2 Crash Protection helps shield applications from each other.
Now pre-installed on PS/2® Models 56 ami 57.
Supported on most IBM-compatible 386 SX PCs and above.
OS/2 2.0 upgrade: $49 from Windows, $99 from any DOS.**

Variants of this ad: “It will do better” · “A place in this world” · “Opening new doors”
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