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A two-page advertisement of OS/2 2.0 from Byte 4/94.

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What every event is riding on.

World-class performance is what the Olympic Games are all about. No wonder OS/2® is at the heart of the Olympic Games Results System that covers just about every event you can imagine.

Faster than you can spell Lillehammer – actually, faster than you can even say Lillehammer – an OS/2-based system helps track, record, process and then post results to venue scoreboards, TV and radio commentators, press agencies, newspapers, magazines and other information outlets. Industrial-strength OS/2 programs like DB2/2™, Communications Manager/2, CICS/2™ and others work together to accomplish a task that would bring lesser operating systems to their knees. But instead of merely skating by, OS/2 rises above. That’s why anywhere the competition is fierce, you’ll find PCs riding on OS/2.

With OS/2, you can bring world-class performance, power and reliability to all your DOS, Windows™ and OS/2 programs. OS/2’s preemptive multitasking not only lets you run more than one program at a time, it has an impact on multimedia that you can really see. And hear. And give the object-oriented Workplace Shell™ user interface high scores for making it easier than ever to use your PC.

At these Olympic Winter Games, and in PCs everywhere, OS/2 is certainly worth its weight in gold. Not to mention silver and bronze. To order or to find out more about OS/2, call 1 800 3-IBM-OS2.

In Canada, call 1 800 465-7999.

Demand OS/2 preloaded on your next PC.

If you have Windows 3.1, ask about OS/2 for Windows. OS/2 2.1 and OS/2 for Windows are also available at local software dealers.

Operate at a higher level.™

Lillehammer ’94. IBM: Official Sponsor of the 1994 Olympic Winter Games

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From Norway to your way, when you want results, you want OS/2.

[fine print]

This ad was created by LINTAS and got to this publication on time using DOS, Windows and OS/2 programs running on OS/2. IBM and OS/2 are registered trademarks and Workplace Shell, “Operate at a higher level,” DB2/2 and CICS/2 are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation. Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corp. © 1994 IBM Corp.

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