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An advertisement of OS/2 Warp from Byte 2/95.

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Mazda’s I.S. chief can’t wait to get warped.

It’s one model they really need on the road.

Mike Anzis is the I.S. man behind the wheel of Mazda’s computers. And OS/2® Warp is about to make his life easier.

As Mike puts it: “We use OS/2 on our headquarters’ client/server systems. It’s also installed in our 900 dealerships. But until now, we haven’t been able to get OS/2 everywhere we need it – on laptops in the field. OS/2 Warp changes all that.” OS/2 Warp is the 32-bit, multitasking, Windows™-friendly way to run a computer. With simple installation and proven reliability, OS/2 Warp is a total computing solution that performs ruggedly at every level.

From a basic 4MB laptop to a client/server system, the OS/2 family now scales an even wider variety of PC platforms.

And OS/2 Warp is a real communicator. With fax, Internet e-mail, and desktop conferencing, there isn’t an easier way to keep those out on the road in the loop.

OS/2 Warp also offers Mike Anzis rock-solid reliability. “I know from years of experience with OS/2, I can trust it to keep performing. Now I can enjoy this peace of mind at every level.”

OS/2 Warp is available for under $90. To get warped, slop by your local software dealer, or call 1 800 3 IBM-OS2. Ask for a free demo disk.

The new 32-bit, multitasking, multimedia, Internet-accessed, crash-protected, Windows-friendly, totally cool way to run your computer. OS/2® Warp


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OS/2 is in its third rev, so it’s solid, stable, and mature.

A toolbar gets users into their applications quickly and easily.

The BonusPak given mobile users the applications they need.

[fine print]

OS/2 Warp is available from your software dealer. It’s also available from IBM for $89 by calling 1 800 3 IBM-OS2.

Reseller prices may vary. OS/2 Warp consists of OS/2 version 3 and BonusPak. IBM, Operating System/2 and OS/2 and registered trademarks of hte International Business Machines Corporation. Crash Protection and the OS/2 logo are trademarks of IBM. Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. ©1994 IBM Corp. All rights reserved.

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