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An advertisement of OS/2 Warp from Byte 5/95.

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Phil Jackson has been warped since the start of the season.

The word “technical” doesn’t faze him.

Before any basketball coach tries to emulate the winning ways of Coach Phil Jackson, they may want to take a peek inside his computer.

If they did, they’d see that Phil can do some pretty neat things. Like use his computer to review video of last night’s game against New York. At the exact same time that he’s e-mailing a respectful appeal to the League. Of course, being a game day, he’s also, at the same time, using a Windows™ graphics program to jot down plays.

They might also note that Phil never has to worry about totally losing it (his programs, that is) if an application ever goes down. And that Phil can get on the Internet and other on-line services incredibly fast and easy, so he can get up-to-the-minute stats and injury reports.

In short, they’d see that Phil has OS/2 Warp, a new multitasking operating system that gives DOS and Windows programs amazing versatility. (And anyone who’s ever seen Phil coach, knows he likes versatility.)

Now, just so there’s no confusion, Phil’s not letting anyone take a peek inside his computer.

OS/2 Warp is available for under $90. (Or for just slightly more than the cost of a court-side seat.) To get warped, stop by your local software dealer, or call 1 800 3 IBM-OS2. Ask for a free demo disk.

The new 32-bit, multitasking, multimedia, Internet-accessed, crash-protected, Windows-friendly, totally cool way to run your computer. OS/2® Warp


[fine print]

OS/2 Warp is available from your software dealer. It is also available from IBM for $89 by calling 1 800 3 IBM-0S2.

Reseller prices may vary. OS/2 Warp consists of OS/2 Version 3 and BonusPak. IBM, Operating Syslem/2 and OS/2 are registered trademarks of the International Business Machines Corporation. Crash Protection and the OS/2 logo are trademarks of IBM. Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. ©1994 IBM Corp.

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