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A bipage advertisement of OS/2 Warp Connect from PC Magazine 7th November 1995.

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You’re finishing a presentation on Lotus Freelance Graphics, printing a report on your boss’ desk, and browsing the Internet all at the same time.

Is it the espresso or OS/2 Warp Connect?

While OS/2® Warp Connect may not come with a twist of lemon, it can do something that’s nothing less than extraordinary.

It will let you access multiple servers on multiple networks at the same time, wherever you might happen to be.

Just make one phone call and enter your password. That’s all it takes to connect into Internet, NT®, UNIX®, NetWare®, Windows® for Workgroup and IBM servers. And that’s all it takes to share drives and printers, graphics files and databases. Even applications. It’s amazing, really.

And because there are separate memory address spaces built in, it’s crash-protected. So a problem with one program won’t crash everything you’re running.

With OS/2 Warp Connect, you can create Person to Person™ connections with up to eight people, whether they’re four floors away or four time zones. So you can conference by video. Collaborate by chalkboard. Communicate.

And you can do it all with the speed and reliability of OS/2, the software that readers of InfoWorld voted Product of the Year for three consecutive years. If you’re looking for network connectivity, compatibility and true multitasking, you should remember one important thing: It’s not only where the working world is headed, it’s where it is right now.

To find out how OS/2 Warp Connect can help your business, call us at 1 800 1BM-3333, ext. EA100. Or visit our web site at You’ll find it quite stimulating.

Can your software do this?

Solutions for a small planet™

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OS/2 Warp Connect Fullpack is available from IBM for $189 by calling 1 800 IBM-3333, ext. EA 100. In Canada, please call 1 800 OS2-WARP, ext. 094. Reseller prices may vary. The IBM home page is located at IBM and OS/2 are registered trademarks and Person to Person Solutions for a small planet and the OS/2 logo are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation. All other company and/or product names are trademarks and registered trademarks of their respective companies. © 1995 IBM Corporation. All rights reserved.

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