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An advertisement of OS/2 Warp from Byte 2/95.

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A woman in Toronto warps photos of the kinds to grandma in Stockholm.

Because he got warped, a stockbroker in San Francisco survives a crash intact.

An astronomy student in Ohio warps onto the Internet. And discovers a whole new world.

An up-and-coming artist in Sante [sic] Fe was amazed that he could get warped for under $90.

A man in New Orleans warps his Windows into Power Windows.

A man in New York warps his computer so he can print a report, read his e-mail and fax an order for a BLT. All at the same time.

In Richmond, a man discovers warping is so easy, he doesn’t have to ask his 11-year-old son to help install it.

Introducing OS/2 WARP

The new 32-bit, multitasking, multimedia, Internet-accessed, crash-protected, Windows™-friendly, easy-to-install, totally cool way to run your computer.

Available for under $90.

OS/2 WARP from IBM.

It’s here.

See your local dealer today. Or, call 1 800 3 IBM-0S2.


[fine print]

OS/2 Warp is available from IBM for $89 by calling 1 800 3 IBM-OS2. Other prices may vary. OS/2 Warp consists of BonusPak and OS/2 Version 3. OS/2 logo is a trademark and IBM, Operating System/2 and OS/2 are registered trademarks of the International Business Machines Corporation. Windows is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. © 1994 IBM Corp.

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