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Ad from Personal Computing 12/84, announcing Visi On.

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It promised to take the work out of work.

The personal computer courted you with endless promises. It would do your job faster, make life easier, send you home happier. It would do the heavy lifting, you would do the heavy thinking.

Alas, reality fell short of the dream. For every solution wrung out of it, the personal computer has created more problems.

Each software program took days, weeks (sometimes classes) to learn. There was no way for individual programs to talk to each other. No way to take data from here and transfer it to there.

The computer refused to do things the way you like to do them. Refused to juggle lots of jobs at once. Refused to move swiftly from project to project. Refused, even, to understand simple English.

The machine that promised to be your partner in a new era of productivity has behaved like a renegade two year old.

Enter Visi On.™ Suddenly and without warning, your personal computer becomes everything you actually bought it to be.

Visi On is a completely new generation of business software that does what no computer or program has ever done. It makes the personal computer work harder, work easier, and work more sensibly.

How? By managing the computer. By making it work the way you are accustomed to working.

Think of Visi On as a “boss” who instructs the computer on how to deal with the specific applications you want to work with: Visi On Calc™, an electronic spreadsheet; Visi On Word™, word processing; Visi On Graph™, business graphics; and Visi On Query™, relational database. Since all these applications work for the same boss, they all work the same way. Learn to use one, and you’ve essentially learned to use them all.

Visi On makes each application the best you ever worked with, no matter which you’re using. Never have individual applications performed more efficiently, more easily or more powerfully.

Moreover, the strength of each application is actually boosted when you combine them.

Indeed, Visi On demonstrates its true genius whenever you want to do a number of things at once. Before now, going from a database to a spreadsheet to business graphics on a computer required rifling through a stack of different program disks and a bookcase full of instruction books.

Now, with Visi On each application can talk to the other. You’re free to transfer words, numbers, formulas, even entire charts, from one place to another.

Noodle, fix, futz, change your mind. No rumbling floppy disks. No forgetting instructions.

Just analyze, experiment, refine, decide, and move forward.

If it were any friendlier, it would be illegal.

Applications appear on the screen as windows, representing workspaces. To open a window, you point a hand-held pointer called a “mouse.” Two buttons on the mouse control your options.

It’s simple to learn, and even easier to use. There are only a few basic commands, and they remain in plain sight at all times.

Should you see a problem, point your mouse at it. A special Visi On Help window opens on the screen. Having anticipated the question you were going to ask, Help begins with the most probable answer.

There. Your computer has become a sweetheart; as cooperative, as productive as it promised it could be.

Freeing you to think about lunch.

Visi On works on the IBM® Personal Computer. Visi On works on almost any computer, including the one you now own and aren’t speaking to.

Visi On is open-ended, so you’re free to add, as needs arise, new applications. Ours or others. Including a communications system which will allow you to transfer information not only between applications, but between other personal computers, local networks, outside databases, and your company’s mainframe computer.

Visi On isn’t “coming.” It’s here. Rumored, reviewed, tested, heralded, and much anticipated. Visi On is now something you can have.

See your Authorized VisiCorp Dealer or sales rep for a hands-on demonstration and information on our comprehensive support program. And note one more way we ensure that your investment is never at risk: Receive your original purchase price (minus a new materials charge) for any VisiCorp software you now have, in trade for its Visi On equivalent.

You see, you’re buying Visi On from the leading maker of business software, VisiCorp. No one makes more useful, more powerful software (just ask over a million people now using VisiCalc®).

And no one supports it better.

Finally, your computer will be everything you always expected it to

Visi On will never let it be anything less.

Visi On™

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Visi On, Visi On Calc, Visi On Word, Visi On Graph, Visi On Query and VisiCalc are trademarks of VisiCorp, San Jose, CA. IBM is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corp. © 1983 VisiCorp.

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