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VisiWord ad from Personal Computing 7/84.

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VisiWord makes it easy to put your best thoughts forward.

The better your writing is, the greater the opportunities are to clearly communicate your thoughts, sell your ideas.

The VisiWord™ program for the IBM® Personal Computer can help you make the most of every writing opportunity. It’s available for both the IBM PC and the IBM XT with hard disk.

You’ll write more effectively with the VisiWord program, because it’s designed with the needs of the business professional in mind. It will also help you and your staff work more productively, because the VisiWord program has all the word processing functions your secretary or assistant needs.

You’ll find the VisiWord program easy to learn, simple to use. And everytime you use it, you’ll be pleased by how much less effort it takes to produce memos, letters, proposals and reports that reflect your very best efforts.

Writing, editing and printing your thoughts are done in a single process that’s fast-without waiting for typing and retyping. And your results may be even more professional-looking because what you see on your screen is exactly what you get in your final printed result.

Easy to learn.

You’re ready to write the instant the program is loaded. A simple, uncluttered screen display presents a multiple choice “menu” of functions.

You simply choose which function you want to use and the on-screen prompts tells you how to use it every step of the way.

A QuickStart™ course is included to get you or anyone on your staff producing letters and reports within 30 minutes.

Even easier to use.

There are no hard-to-use “control” characters. A single keystroke selects all primary program functions – Insert, Delete, Copy, Move, Find/Replace, Storage and Print.

The most-used editing functions are also easy-to-use, because they’re done with a single Function Key. These include Center Line, Underline, Delete, Delete To End Of Line, Undelete, Indent, New Page, Decimal Tab and Again.

Dynamic full page formatting lets you see instantaneously on the screen exactly what you’ll get on paper. “Word wrap” is automatic for both creating and editing documents.

Additionally, time-saving “help” screens, and a clear, concise User’s Guide in plain English give you the assistance you need at a glance.

More powerful editing with much less effort.

The VisiWord program lets you move, copy, or delete columns of information as well as paragraphs, and even pages, simply and easily.

It helps you make your documents look more professional by automatically formatting and numbering each page, and adding headers and footers if you wish.

And the VisiWord program’s split screen windowing function lets you see two documents at once, and take parts of one and incorporate them into the other.

You can even change your mind about a change – the “undelete” feature recalls lines of text you’ve deleted.

Edit one document while you print another.

The “print spooling” feature of the VisiWord program will save you important time by letting you print out one letter-perfect document at the same time you’re creating another on your screen.

VisiWord becomes even more powerful with other VisiSeries™ programs.

Budgets and plans created with your VisiCalc™ program can be automatically included in your VisiWord report, using the windowing capability. Or you can automatically merge names and addresses selected from your VisiFile™ program into a form letter.

The VisiSpell™ program will proofread and help you correct spelling errors.

All total, there are nine VisiSeries programs to help you work more productively with your IBM Personal Computer now. And in the future.

VisiWord leads to VisiON™.

To make sure that the VisiWord program helps your word processing today and tomorrow, we’re making it an upgradable part of our revolutionary VisiON integrated software system of the near future.

Discover how using the VisiWord program will make it easy for you to put your best thoughts forward. See it at a computer store near you, or write our Customer Service Department, 2895 Zanker Road, San Jose, CA 95134.



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