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Two-page advertisement of Windows 1.0 from PC Magazine 1985.

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Introducing Power Windows.

Microsoft® Windows has arrived.

For anyone who uses a computer in earnest, that is extremely good news.

Windows gives you a practical way to integrate programs. It radically decreases the time it takes to move from one application to another. Dramatically simplifies the means of consolidating data from many different programs.

And as a graphical extension of the MS-DOS® operating system, it gives you a highly visual way to work and to organize your work.

In short, Windows brings efficiency to all those processes of personal computing which have till now been awkward, unwieldy, inconvenient.

The joys of job hopping.

With the advent of Windows, you can work with multiple applications. And switch from program to program with ease.

Start up with one application, then another, and another. Leap back and forth between applications as your work routine dictates. Then pick up right where you left off.

The ability of Windows to change quickly from program to program logically and naturally magnifies the utility and productivity of the personal computer. And is a recognition of the way people who exploit the power of PCs really do their jobs.

Breaking the 640K barrier.

Just like you, Microsoft Windows can handle several projects at the same time. Juggle assignments. Deal with frequent interruptions.

And Windows will ignore the 640K limit of the PC, especially if you have a hard disk, the Intel® Above™ Board, or expanded memory. It will execute the rather neat trick of working with more programs than memory can hold at one time.

Spreading knowledge.

Another significant service Windows performs is accelerating the movement of information from one program to another.

Collecting and combining that information is as simple as taking a “snapshot” of data in one program. Editing it. Then consolidating it with data from all other programs.

With Windows, you can enjoy the advantages of conventional integrated programs without their compromises. Because Windows lets you put together the applications that you know, and that get a job done for you.

Choose your best word processor, spreadsheet, database – you name it. They’re all there for you at a keystroke.

Common ground.

Finally, Windows is not only an immensely powerful tool for today, its also a solid base for a new generation of Windows Applications. Is an introductory offer, two of these – Microsoft Windows Write and Windows Paint – are included in the Windows package. Along with more than a dozen other Windows desktop applications. Including a DOS file management program, calendar, cardfile, notepad, calculator, and a telecommunications program.

In Windows Applications you have a common interface which includes drop-down menus, dialog boxes, icons. Along with a richer environment that allows you to mix pictures and text. And to summon different type faces and styles at a keystroke.

Windows is a bridge between today’s applications and the graphics based software now evolving. A way to work interchangeably with today’s programs. And tomorrow’s.

Of course, all this is going to cost you: $99.

A price that makes Windows the most startling value ever offered in software. A comparable collection of programs – a switching program, a graphic interface, desktop applications, a word processor, a drawing program – could easily cost hundreds of dollars more.

If you’re someone who uses personal computing as a natural part of your work life, who capitalizes on the productive powers of sophisticated applications, look into Windows.

It offers a new vision of what a computer can do.

Microsoft® Windows
The High Performance Software™

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For the name of your nearest Microsoft dealer, call (800) 426-9400. In Washington State and Alaska, (206) 828-8088. In Canada, call (800) 387-6616.

Note: Photo shows color and resolution obtained on an IBM® PC equipped with IBM Enhanced Graphics Adapter. Monochrome display is generated when an IBM Color Graphics Adapter or compatible graphics adapter card is used.

Microsoft and MS-DOS are registered trademarks and The High Performance Software is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation. Intel is a registered trademark and Above is a trademark of Intel Corporation. IBM is a registered trademark of International Business Machines Corporation.

System Requirements: IBM or COMPAQ Personal Computer (or 100% compatibles) 256K memory, two double-sided, double-density disk drives (512K and a hard disk recommended, when using multiple applications or DOS 3.0 or higher). Graphics adapter card (IBM Color Graphic Monitor Adapter, IBM Enhanced Graphics Adapter, Hercules Graphics Card, or compatible).

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